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Motorola - blur Cell Phone

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A few weeks ago, I dropped my Blackberry in the bathroom sink while getting ready, meaning goodbye phone I was fond of! Because I was not up for a new phone, I was given this phone and had to pay full price. It has a few nice features, but overall, the cons outweigh the pros. I will take this time to review all of the pros and cons for you to decide. Here are the pros: It is like a mini-computer. It can easiliy get me to the internet. Also, there is a feature with Droids called the market which is extremely helpful. I can easily search for various free add-ons which are helpful as a consumer. I have not had to pay for a ringtone because I have found free ringtones through the market. Also, the texting features are nice as it is more like an IM conversation than individual texts. Here are the cons: The biggest con is that randomly I will lose all my contacts. That's right; All of them! I have to go back into settings and choose google sync but I only learned how to do that from going on the internet and looking up a solution. Even then it doesn't add all of my contacts. Furthermore, this phone is very clunky to use. The positioning of the headphone jack and power cord are not intuitive to what I would like. Also, the battery does not last as long as my Blackberry. In conclusion, the cons outweigh the pros on this phone, and I truly wish I could get a different one.

Wilmington, DE


Motorola Devour is pretty good!


The Motorola Devour (Blur) is something that I purchased about a year ago now and it still works great. The only problem that I have had with the phone is that it deletes the contacts and glitches out from time to time and it has been doing that ever since I have gotten it. It does that almost immediately after I download any apps or anything like that and it requires me to reset the phone alot (BIG HASSLE!). But not concerning those issues the phone itself is really cool and somewhat easy to use. I like the added social networking thing that shows up on your front page, giving me all the Facebook info I need! HAHA

Townsend, MA


Motorola - blur Cell Phone

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