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Motorola - Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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dont move


i have had the motorola rocker stereo bluetooth headphones for a while now and i like them. they are pretty cool looking and are very aerodynamic. they are also light weight. not have to carry around heavy headphone is a big help considering all the devices that people have these days. this is an accesory remember so it needs to be light to compliment the device it will be linking with. i prefer the black color but there are many colors that are available as well. the black color does not stand out as well. the battery life is a topic of concern. i am pretty satisfied with the life of the battery but it isnt marvelous. it will last me around an hour i would say. the quality of sound is not bad either but dont move to fast or far away because the biggest drawback of this electronic accessory is the ability to keep the music constantly on without skipping. i would reccomend refining this aspect before another version is released.

Boonsboro, MD


Motorola Bluetooth headphones are great


I've searched for awhile to find a set of bluetooth headphones that had both quality in design, and reproduces sound effectively. I like to walk/run/jog and having a wire attached to the headphones from my iPod has always been a pain and in the way. I was happy once the iPod software update finally allowed for the bluetooth compatibility and controls. I quickly found a few pairs of headphones that I thought met my needs. For sure I needed something sporty, so behind the neck was important. Then I also wanted a pair that allowed for control from the device or from the headphones. The Motorola bluetooth set that I purchased met all of my needs. They are funtionaly, stylish, and sound great. They do not get in the way and are quiet sturdy during exercise. I would recommend to anyone.

Beverly Hills, CA


Works well feels comfortable on the ears


I bought a Bluetooth stereo headphone set for talking on my cell phone while driving in the car. The Bluetooth stereo headphones work very nicely. i can hear the person talking to me and they can hear me clearly. Unlike most headset that clamp over your head to get to your ears this one clamps around your neck and around your ears. It is quite comfortable while talking on the phone. I wish I had something like that for my home phone. It is wireless so you have no wires hanging from your cell phone. It comes with a plug in charger. It does need charged just like a cell phone. Since I use it in the car I will probably get a cigarette lighter charger that works in the car. I am so forgetful I plug it in then forget to put it back in the car. That is the only problem I have had with the device. It has up to 6 hours talking time, up to 4 days standby time and up to 6 hours music streaming time on one charge,

Cabot, PA


Motorola - Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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