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Motorola - Wireless Headset

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Works for me


This bluetooth headset has served its purpose well for me. I have to say upfront that it's the only bluetooth I've ever used, so I really don't have anything to compare it to. I'm sure it's not the top of the line device, but I have been pleased with it. It's been comfortable and reliable, and the sound quality has been more than adequate for me. I love having my hands free, both when I'm driving, and when I'm just working around the house. I have been a little disappointed that there is not a battery life indicator on the headset. I try to just charge it regularly, but I have had it die on me unexpectedly. I still haven't figured out all the features of voice dialing, etc. but for what I needed this has been just fine.



Basic Motorola Bluetooth Headset


This is the very basic model of bluetooth headset from Motorola. When the bluetooth is on, there is a flashing blue light that you have to manally turn off each time. The headset does fit either left or right ear by taking off the ear clip and turning it upside down. The headset quality is sturdy and durable. The headset charges with a mini-usb adapter and giives 2 hours of talk time. The call quality could be better. During a call, the headset makes hissing noises, the louder the volume, the louder the hissing noises. I have never found a way to make the hissing noise go away. It sometimes annoy me so much that I would stop using it and go back to the simpler wired headsets. The on/off buttom also serves as a shortcut key to call the last dialed number but doesn't work that well when you do not remember which number you most recently dialed. This headset could be better if Motorola was able to solve the hissing noise issue.

Eureka, CA


Motorola bluetooth h350 headset


The motorola H350 bluetooth headset is not too bad. Performance is overall good. But I found that the ear hook is not too comfortable, maybe it's the size of it that doesn't fit my ear inside and out perfectly and that's what could be causing my discomfort. I've had some static with it sometimes but overall the sound quality is good. The headset is very durable and battery life is decent. I like the quality of almost all Motorola products, I think it's one of the best companies related to wireless communication whether it's their phones, Bluetooth or other communication products. The design of the h350 is vneat and it looks very nice on the ear. The volume control is pretty good too. It's easy to pair this headset with cellphones or even a laptop. The price is also very acceptable and does not break teh bank. The  Wireless Link Transmission Range 30 ft is more than enough for using with my cellphone or with the laptop if I'm using a soft phone. **Features:** 1. Lightweight 2. One button for placing and receiving calls and two     buttons for adjusting volume/mute 3. Bluetooth 2.0 for excellent call quality, minimal     interference and fast connections 4. Enabled with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) to help conserve    battery life 5. Talk Time: approximately 10 hours or 200 hours standby    time from a single charge 6. Works up to 30 feet / 10 meters away from a compatible    Bluetooth-enabled phone  

Toledo, OH


Motorola missed the mark on this one


I purchased this the day after Thanksgiving it is now Monday and it is going back as soon as I finish this review. I have always gone with Motorola, I am usually very happy with everything I buy made by them.  Not this time.  It doesn't fit well around the ear.  It doesn't charge correctly and the transmition of my voice is spotty at best (and it's not the cell phone.) I would have thought maybe it was just mine but my dad also bought one the same time I did and he is having the same problems with his. Do not buy this, you will be taking it back!

Olympia, WA


Motorola - Wireless Headset

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