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Motorola - VE240 Cell Phone

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The Motorola VE 240 phone is very dependable and reliable.


The Motorola VE 240 cellphone is one of the most dependable phone I have owned.  There are very few dropped calls and it seems like I always have service.  I am a farmer and with the abuse it receives with my lifestyle and the dropping and things it comes in contact with it has always worked.  The only negative I have about the phone is that my vibrator is becoming weaker after having the phone for almost 2 years.  I have had it on the vibrator function the first day I bought the phone until now so that might have something to do with it.  I like this phone also, because I always carry the phone in my front pocket, instead of a carrying case like numerous other people, i enjoy the lightweight and sleek design.  It does not seem like I have a deck of cards in my pocket.  All of the main features can easily be found in the menu, and you can customize your phone to display your most popular popular icons on the home screen where you can quickly access them.

Worthington, IA


Motorola - VE240 Cell Phone

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