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Motorola V195 Cellular Phone

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Very good basic mobile phone


The Motorola v195 is a very good value basic phone. It does not have a camera and the lcd is too small for web browsing of the world wide web. It is, however, great for making phone calls. The v195 has a claimed 17.5 days of battery life, but I find that I can get 13.5 straight days of standby time without using the phone at all. After two years, the phone can manage 11 days straight days of standby time before needing a recharge. It takes around 4 hours to fully charge the phone. This is kind of slow; however, the slower the charging time, the less stress the charger puts on the lithium-ion battery. The less stress on the battery, the better it is on the battery, meaning the battery will last longer. Replacing batteries is expensive and annoying, so the longer the battery lasts, the better the user experience. The buttons are kind of hard to press. It takes more pressure to push the buttons than I think it should take. I wish the buttons would be softer to press. Doing text messaging on this phone would be more comfortable if the buttons were softer. I can type relatively fast, but I do not text message that often. It takes some getting used to adding punctuations. A dedicated keyboard or a virtual keyboard would definitely be better for text messaging. I have dropped this phone a few times and there are a few dings, but it still looks great and works great. I really like this phone for making phone calls.

Minneapolis, MN


Works well as a phone but not anything to brag about.


This phone is small and efficient. It is easy to operate but is missing key features such as the ability to block unwanted calls. There are no super features on this phone such as radio or music-playing ability. You also cannot take pictures from this phone. It is very durable and lasted several years before the turn off/on button stopped fuctioning properly. It appears to be scratch-resistant and even survived being dropped in a bathtub for a few seconds. The battery lasts a very long time and only needs to be recharged about once per week. This may be due tot he fact that the phone does not have special features such as Web capabilities. The phone is not particularly stylish, and is more for people who don't care what their phone looks like and will only be using it for everyday calls. The keypad is miniscule and makes text messaging very difficult. While it cannot take pictures it does receive them ok.

Saint Petersburg, FL


Great Phone


The Motorola V195 is a great phone!  It is very easy to use.  It has everything I would want.  The menu items are customizable.  There is no camera though, although I don't mind that. I also got it online for a great price.  I am using the prepaid service through T-Mobile, which is also very reasonably priced.  The only thing I wish this phone had (besides a camera) is a blocking service -- in other words, where you can stop solicitation calls and/or jerks that you meet who won't stop calling you.  I have written to the various phone manufacturers and service companies to request they provide this, but that has yet to be developed.  I used to have a Samsung and would NOT recommend it to anyone.  Motorola has always been a great company, manufacturing great products and this phone is no exception.  It might be slightly out of date by now, as I bought it last year, but I am still happy with it.  You might be able to get it at an even better price because of that.

Farmingdale, NY


Motorola V195 Cellular Phone

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