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Motorola - U6 Cell Phone

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This is really stylish


This phone was awesome, it slid out really nicely and it looked really good.  The only bad thing was when people tried to open the phone they would try to pry it open thus messing up the magnets.  When I would show the noobies on how to open they would underestimate the power it would have from opening that they would drop it then and there.  this phone is good to have for like nine months but after that it'll show some wear and tear.  Like if you have it for that long you'll get little imprints on the screen from the keyboard.  I used to keep this phone by my mouse and would always mistake it for my mouse, so be careful for that. (not a real warning but it would decrease some emberassment to yourself).  This phone is really simple and works great, gets kind of slow if you have toom much stuff on it, but that happens to pretty much any simple phones. the speaker works great so if you want to play some music on it, then go ahead it's ncie and loud.

Riverside, CA


easy to use phone


hi  i have had this phone  for over 3 years now and i absolutely love it, it is very easy to use this unlike the touchscreen ones, they are the most basic phones and yet have so mcuh to offer.  it has a great camera, excellent picture quality, even the music and video software is amazing.  the phone has  a one hand flip feature which is really good if you have your hands full.  they also come in exciting colors which make it so much more fun to own.  the accessories are also very good psecailly the case, but even without the case it will be safe to throw it ina  bag or just push it in a pocket.  the battery is also very good compared to most motorola phones, the sound quality is good and the visuals are very nice.  it also has a good organizing feature which has the most basic as well s most comlex features to organize your handset . pebel is so far the best basic  phone that i have owned and loved

Ronkonkoma, NY


I love my green PEBL!


I have had this phone for over a year now. I love how it feels in the hand; MUCH better than my husbands RAZR! I was happy to find a phone in my favorite color, and the green is wearing well. I have not had any problems with this phone, although I have had some issues getting the software on my computer. It's a fully functional cellphone, the equal of my husband's RAZR and better than the Nokia I had before it. I don't understand why the PEBL isn't more popular, honestly!

Sycamore, IL


Motorola - U6 Cell Phone

4.7 3