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Good phone, but has some glicthes


Moto Q music is a good,  but not great phone,  the built in keyboard is a nice feature but can be a little small at times.  I like the fact it has active sync to sync up my email and music directly from my computer and the fact I can make any mp3 file a ringtones just by adding the mp3 file to my phone.  I don't like the fact I can't use the verizon get it now features with it.

Macedon, NY


Not too happy with my Motorola Q9m smartphone


The Motorola Q9m is my first dive into the smartphone world. I can't say that I'm too happy with it at all. I did like the phone at first, some of the features are nice, but as time goes on I like it less and less. It's not very durable, I got my first one just over a year ago, and it quit working within 10 months (and I don't abuse it at all). Thank goodness for one year warranties! However, since you can't request a "new" phone by warranty, I got a refurbished unit (blast). My contract is not up until April; this is August and the phone restarts itself whenever it is even set down on the counter too hard. I put a silicone cover on the unit, and it helps with the problem somewhat. It still restarts itself once a day on average. I absolutely will not get this phone again, may not get anything Motorola at all. Both phones do not hold a charge well. It's so annoying to have a charger with you everywhere. Don't get this one!

Paris, MI


Motorola Q9m - good for a while, but it won't last forever


Overall, the Motorola Q9m is a pretty decent smartphone. It has internet cabapility (when you pay for it, of course), a pretty good camera/video with an optional light (it's quite bright, too), Windows Media Player for your music, and texting and picture messaging. The keypad worked well for a while, but now that I've had this phone for about a year, I notice it does not work as well as it used to, and tends to mistype. The display on the phone is a decent size, but you can't expect it to be very big, as it's not a full touch screen. The phone is very durable (as are most Motorola phones I've had), despite it being quite thin. I've dropped my phone multiple times with very minimal external damage to it, and no internal damage. The internal memory is of a decent amount, and there's also a slot for an SD memory card. I did have a problem with this phone where it would randomly freeze (I would have to remove the battery from it to reset it), but that was fixed with a hard reset of the phone. Overall, the Motorola Q9m is a good choice in a phone if it does what you need it to, but after a year, you can start to see it getting old, and not as reliable as it once was.

Chicago, IL


Great Phone for the Money


I'm always trying to get the best bang for my buck and the Moto Q9M fits the bill for me.  I switched away from contract cell plans and hopped on the Page Plus bandwagon. The Q9M has turned out to be a great phone for this plan. It works fine right out of the box, has a decent keyboard and very good voice quality. The browser won't set and benchmark records for speed but I seldom use this feature anyway. I'm very happy with this phone and I don't hesitate to recommend it to others.    

Wilmington, NC


motorola the new era


motorola q is a great phone has a great keyboard so that you can txt and write documents on microsoft. i like that i can do documents on it and download it to my laptop. having windows on it is a plus i recommend u to get it if you havent already received it. the only bad part is the battery life of the phone.

Lake City, FL


Motorola Smartphone

3.4 5