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I can't leave home without my Moto - its my office in my hand!


With the functionality of a phone and the entertainment and usability of a PC, the MOTO Q 9h offers the complete user experience. It's technology lets users stay connected from nearly anylocationa dn at any time!.  At work and at play, the MOTO Q 9h offers a many features that will keep you entertained for hours.The integrated 2.0 megapixel camera isn't the best and brining up the zoom is tricky. For the music lover, Windows Media and access to lots of music libraries is a plus. Integrated Bluetooth wireless is a real bonus!  With full-speed USB 2.0 download, you can experience fast file transfers from your PC to the phone's microSD card that offers up to 2GB of optional removable memory to store files, documents, photos and anything else you can tink of. The best thing for me is to be able to stream You Tube videos while sitting in the airport. Sound and video quality are very good. Charger is standard (unlike some competitors brands).

Tampa, FL


Motorola Q9h Smartphone-good features


The Q9h has some pretty good features like the world clock and tip calculator. The camera is also pretty worthy of mention. Although I do wish I could zoom in and out with it instead of just control the brightness. I haven't quite gotten used to the tiny buttons yet either. Another draw back I've experienced (and this may not be the phone itself) is my battery never stays charged for more than 24 hours. I have had this phone less than a month and I have to bring my charger everywhere because no matter where I'm at and no matter what I'm doing, my phone always dies.

Alton, IL


The Motorola Q PDA feature is the BEST!


I love the PDA (calendar) portion of this phone, and that I can sync it to my computer and print out a calendar.  It helps me manage family details.  The phone is easy to use and the keyboard is nice.  The only fault I find is that it doesn't have the best reception or sound quality. (people often can't hear me).

Hudsonville, MI


Not to bad for what it is worth.


It is not one of the smart phones that has eery app. on it but it has been worth the money. The internet took a little to get use to but it works great. Signal could be a little better but I have had a lot worst. The key board is pretty easy to use even for my big fingers.

Portage, MI


go with the droid instead


When this phone first came out, it was great .. but it's past it's time .. way past it's time now unfortunately. It's running on the old windows 6.1 platform! Whare is windows 7 mobile at? lol  It has a really fine build quality and you will enjoy the 'feel' of it. It's perfectly well sized, but if you have big hands, its even betterl. Sound and call quality, and the antenna and signal strength are very, very strong as well. The keyboard is absolutely excellent and texting is a breezw eith either hand. It syncs well with your desktop with windows active syn, so again no complaints with that. A serious issue with the phone is battery life however, and it is Windows based if you dont like that. Yet if you use outlokk, this can be a real plus. Motorola offers you, if youre a heavy user, a second and far superior, as well as far larger battery, with a second battery cover which fits the larger battery. Unfirtunately, the standard battery would not last an entire day even on a full charge. As for the OS, it will freeze occasionally - typical Windows?. lol  Also I thought the phone itself could well be a bit more user friendly. Yet its very light and the sreen is wonderful as well. And you can do lots of personalizing if you wish. The camera is also quite good in my opinion - and easy to use. The motorola Q9H is a pretty decent device, very functional actually, and it surely deserves some attention for those who want a tried and true smart phone at a reasonable price. Yet it may not be for everyone - or for you. I think the Droid is far supior and also a pretty decent value, Hope this helps! :)        

Fanwood, NJ


Excellent phone with great features.


The Motorola Q9h Smartphone is one of the greatest smart phones I had ever used.  It used Windows Mobile which made it very versatile.  The phone was very easy to use, and was very customizable.  It responded very well to both phone functions and anything extra that you wanted to use it for, as long as you killed the tasks every so often in the task manager.  I had the extended battery, so I could go a couple days on normal use without the battery needing charged.  The speaker built into the phone was very loud and clear making it perfect for special ringtones, or even as an alarm clock.  The phone was also very loud and clear on both ends.  I used to use a Blackberry phone at my previous job, so the Blackberry like keyboard was a plus for me.  It is also very durable, it's been dropped many times and still runs just fine to this day.  This is an excellent phone and well worth the money.  I would recommend this phone to anyone. 

Campbell, OH


Good not Great


I bought this phone in Oct 08. At first i wasn't too thrilled with getting a device with windows OS but decided to give it a try. I enjoyed the feel of it my hands, the phone is a little big but I have big hands so I didn't mind the size at all. Call quality and signal strength are very strong so no complaints there. Syncs with your desktop with ease so again no complaints with that. My only two main issues with the phone are battery strength and the fact that it is Windows based. Moto gives you a second and larger battery with a second battery cover which fits the larger battery. I am not that much of a heavy user and could not believe the standard battery would not last one day on a full charge. As for the OS, it would freeze up on me at least once a day, typical Windows. Also I thought the phone itself could be more user friendly. Returned the phone after 3 weeks and got the BB Bold and have not looked back. The moto Q9H is decent device and deserves some attention for those who want a smart-phone. It just wasn't for me.

White Lake, MI


Motorola Smartphone

3.7 7