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Motorola SURFboard SB5101 Cable Modem

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excellent price & excellent quality


the most reasonably priced cable modem available. this unit is so small it fits anywhere. it is the unit offered for rental by my cable provider, but it is far more practical to buy it from any electronics or computer store than to rent it. all reviews are high on this item.

West Palm Beach, FL


This Modem is good"


Well, to start of with, Motorola always produces something good. I really enjoyed  using this cable modem because of it's speed and connection. at first it was slow to connect to the internet but after a few months, i used it for my laptop and desktop and the speed was excellent. In less than 10 minutes, i was able to use my internet for websites like Facebook,etc. Good battery life when it comes to this cable modem except when the ropes are disconnected or something happens to the system. To pay for this is pretty suitable and it doesn't just connect to 1 computer but a few like two laptops or two desktops. Some of my friends didn't like it because it was to slow and to reboot or restart it was complicated. Sometimes they argued that it didn't last long and it wasn't reliable but i would recommend to others to get this. You can find it in walmart or target or best buy and a member can help and inform you more on it. The steps to connect it to your computer is also easy to do and by the next day, you'll be ready to use it.

Irving, TX


Surboard Cable Modem


This surfboard is an affordable, very practical cable modem.  I have used this cable modem for over a year and haven't had any troubles with the modem.  Its size is very manageable and I like that you can stand it up.  Once set up, this thing is very trustworthy and doesn't shut down on me unexpected.  It has an easily accessible power button on the top for turning on and off for a quick reset (although if the internet ever does go down...which often ends up being the cable providers fault, I usually need ot hard reset...aka pull the power plug out and plug it back in and then it sometimes gets it fixed). The lights are self explanatory and helps you see the system running.  You'll have all green lights when the system is going (excep the very bottom light blinks on and off that represents data coming in and out of the cable modem.)  I can quickly look at the lights to tell if the internet is coming into the house or if there is a problem receiving the internet rather than having to do all these diagnostics.   Once connected with a wireless router, this provides quick, seamless internet to the whole house through the cable.  Great purchase in my opinion

Dickinson, ND




Buy other brand instead. I have this cable modem for several months.  I couldn't figure out why my internet slow down so much and sometimes totally stopped.  I blamed to the cable company at first (I did call them to complain).  Then, one day all of the sudden, this thing decided to die.  I totally lost Internet access for a day. And finally realized it's the modem cause all of the problems not cable company.  I ended up to buy another different cable moden.

Bothell, WA


Do not waste your money...Buy a different Brand!


I have went through 2 of these modems in the past 9 months. They are just a waste of money. There is no warranty on them. They work great and are easy to install but be prepared to buy a new one every year, at least. I have now learned my lesson and bought a little more expensive one and it comes with a warranty.

Salem, IL


Motorola SURFboard SB5101 Cable Modem

3.2 5