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Motorola - Renegade Cell Phone

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One of the best phones I've owned


I needed a really sturdy cell phone to take the abuses my cell phones seem to always endure. This phone, so far, has stood up to dogs chewing on it...son throwing it out the window of a moving vehicle...and my constant dropping. I've had it over a year now and though it looks kind of rough, it still works. My only sadness is I've been told it is no longer available from my cellular service provider. I want to find more of them somewhere so I can have a replacement when my phone finally does die.

Springfield, MO


Motorola Renegade V950 cell phone, Lots of features.


This phone has many nice features. Like a good camera, nice video recorder only limited by the sd card memory. Takes pretty good quality pictures and videos that can be sent or e-mailed. The speakerphone is very good quality. It has a large screen that is easy to read. Navigation capabilities for a monthly fee. The main problem with this phone that I have found is that the software seems a little outdated and causes a conflict with all the tools of the phone. When texting and a text comes in it like locks the phone up. The software really needs to be updated and then it would be an excellent phone. It is waterproof,and shockproof. I have had it a year now and would give it an overall rating of C-.

Houston, TX


motorola v950 renegade, works well overall


This phone has pretty much all the bells and whistles. good 2.0 camera. great video only limited to the sd card that is installed. the internet works at a pretty good speed. the navigation application works very well and is constantly updated to give pretty accurate directions. has several alarm clock configurations. the voice memo comes in very handy to take like a do list so u dont forget during the day. the talk time on a full charge will last all day with fairly constant use. The screen is larger than that of most flip phones , so it is very easy to read. The email application downloads at a very fast speep and lets me know as i have new mail coming in. The speaker phone is very sensitive and is actually very clear without distorting out at higher levels. It can be set to keep giving u audible alerts on all your incoming calls, text, e-mail and picture mail with a repetive audible so it keeps going until u actually check them. Which alot of phones don't do. Overall all it is a pretty good phone and also very durable.

Houston, TX


Takes a lickin' keeps on tickin'...mostly


The Motorla Renegade is a cool little phone, actually it's kinda big for a flip phone, but I like that, it reminds I'm carrying it in my pocket. Made to military specs for wind, rain, and impact resistance, which is good for me because I can kill a cell phone in a day if I'm not careful. I've had this phone for a few months now and it's got some pretty cool features, built-in apps and what-not. There's things like a unit converter and tip calculator. There's a currency converter too, but you have to know the exchange rates. Lots of free stuff available online if you want it and look for it. I've had a couple of problems with call waiting, but nothing persistent. Occaisionally it will freeze up and I have to take the battery out to reset it, but I figure I'm hard on stuff anyway so maybe that's just me. I've dropped this phone a bunch of times, even into water, and it's come out find right away. I like it, I use it, I inadvertantly abuse it and it stands up to everything I've thrown at it so far. Would I recommend it, probably, depends on what you're looking for and what you want to do with your phone.

Hastings, MN


Motorola - Renegade Cell Phone

3.8 4