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Motorola - Razr V3t Cell Phone

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Motorola makes quality cell phones


I have had my Motorola Razr for years and it has been an extremely good phone. The only reason that I finally changed to a new cell is because I wanted something with a bigger screen and a QWERTY keyboard on it. I'm not into smartphones so was very happy with my Razr with the exception of not having a QWERTY keyboard for texting. It still works and I will probably keep it around as a backup. Although it does seem pretty fragile, if you get a good case, it will protect it from any exterior damage when you drop it. I'm pretty klutzy and usually very hard on phones so the fact that it still works after all the years I have had it says a lot. I give it an 8 out of a 10 only because it doesn't have the keyboard that I like for texting and I was not always able to receive picture texts from friends probably because of the limited memory. Also, the camera phone is just sufficient. It's not as clear and precise as a smartphone pic but that is not a big deal for me. Nice to have, but not necessary. I use my phone primarily for phone calls or texting anyway. If I want to use the web then I will buy a tablet or use my PC at home. If you like a bare bones phone then I think this would be a good and dependable phone for you. I still have my original battery and it still holds a charge very well considering it is over 7 years old. All in all, Motorola makes some really nice, dependable phones.

Arlington, TX


Not what I expected


My previous phone was a Samsung and it was a very simple phone but it had much better quality calls than this one. This phone has more functionality but less quality. When carrying it around I always feel like I am going to drop it, it is extremely fragile. The speaker function does not work very well with this phone. The other person cannot hear what I am saying half the time. I like the mp3 player feature, but most of the mp3's I upload to it will not play. The headset that came with does not work well either. The earbud will not stay in my ear. The camera function works well if the person is still, otherwise the picture is very blurry.

Lake City, FL


Best Phone I've ever had !!!!!!!!!!


I got this Motorola Razr V3t at T-Mobile in January of 2008. I have to say it's the best cell phone I have ever had. I accidently dropped this phone many times and it still works even though I had to put it back together several times, but the best way I can describe that this phone is great is what I have to tell you next ! One day I forgot to take my Razr out of the back pocket of my jeans.  I just through all of my pairs of jeans into the washer. When the load was done I was putting the heavy wet pairs of jeans into the dryer I found my phone in the bottom of the washer tub. Oh My God.... I thought it was done for! I started to cry and just about threw the phone away. But because it cost me quite a bit, I decided to take it apart and let everything dry out. Two days later I decided to give it a try. I put everything back together. I even used the same battery. I will never be able to figure this out but the cell phone actually turned on! It still works to this day. I have had Nokias, the SideKick, and a couple others, but this is the one I tell everyone about. Nobody I know has ever been able to use a phone that has been washed except me!  It was a full cycle of washing too, a large load no less! So, If you want a phone that will work for you, no matter what, I think this is the one for you. I know it is for me. I had gone to buy a new phone but I couldn't decide which one to get and I am glad I couldn't make up my mind. This one will do for me for years since washing it didn't ruin it! Everything still works on it, even the mp3 player and the games!

Arvada, CO


Motorola Razr, great cell phone


this cell phone is very affordable and very slim so it looks really cool. I am a personal owner of a MOTO RAZR V3 and am absolutely satisfied with it's performance, quality, and design. I have had this RAZR for over a year and i half and i find it very sturdy and useful. I use this primarily as a phone and it is a GOOD phone. I am so pleased with this phone, I just love the themes, graphics, and ringers that come with this phone. No problems at all. No buzzing speaker, no dust in screen, no dropped calls. In my opinion this is a great phone and worth buying. It is a popular phone and looks really nice and not cheap. Overall, i really enjoy this phone and definetely think it is worth buying and i reccommend it to anyone.

Bakersfield, CA


Such a slick looking phone


Got this phone from T-Mobile back in early 2007.  Used it till the connection to the monitor and the hinge fell apart in 2010.  It was a good run, had all the basic functions a phone needed, yet it's small.  Sound quality is great when T-Mobile connection is available.  too bad they are not being made anymore.  Now I have moved on to Droid X from Verizon (terrible T-Mibole customer service), but I am still looking to fix my physical phone, and keep it along with my old Mac Classic, Mac Cube, etc.

New York, NY


Motorola - Razr V3t Cell Phone

4.4 5