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Motorola - Razor Cell Phone

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I love my phone and have had it for years with no problems. The Motorola Razor comes with a camera on the phone which I love to use to take my favorite photos. I can even download the pictures on my computer which is very convenient. I love using the speakerphone which is available on the Motorola Razor phone I can just easily press the speakerphone button on my phone and talk in the speaker instead of holding my phone which I love. The menu on the phone is very convenient for me to use I can easily check my phone messages, voice mail, contact list, change my ring tone which I love to do once in a while. I also love to use the calculator function on the menu to use everyday. I don't use the text messages that often because they charge me extra for this function on my phone bill including the V Cast music and internet use. It is great! I will get it again when mine is no longer working.

Florence, OR


Best Cell Phone!


This is a simple phone.  But if you are looking for a basic phone that quality made and easy to use this is exactly what you need. I have had my razor for over three years and I have never had any problems with it.  I need a phone that is durable, dependable, and of course easy to use. I like that the fact that the phone flips out so it is easy to answer without having to push a button.  Because it is a flip phone it also never dials people when it's in your pocket.  The phone is very durable.  I have dropped it numerous times and although the outside has a few dings it doesn't malfunction.  The phone has all the features of other phones.  It has a keyboard where you can do numbers, letters, symbols ect.  The phone has a camera and the pictures come out pretty clear.  All of the features such as tools are easy to access and anyone can do it.  This would be a great phone for any one of any age.

Franklin, TN


Quick and Simple- The Boost for you!


You can get service almost anywhere and the phone can handle harsh conditions. The phone is also prepaid so you will not be held down to a plan. It the perfect get up and go phone if your the man on the move. The phone itself is cheap and very high-tech. There is also great service anywhere and I've never had a bar drop or a missed call. You also don't have to renew your service constantly if, let's say you thing your going out of the country for a month or two. Speaking of travel- I do not know how the boost phones relate to long distance and other traveling issues. I would also like to warn you that Boost cell phonews do not have full functioning keyboards. But like a said this is perfect for a business because even with out the computer like keyboad you can still use the internet comfortably. You don't even have to report to a store to put money on the phone- it can be done from the phone with a bank pr credit card.

Bronx, NY


Motorola - Razor Cell Phone

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