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Motorola ROKR Cell Phone

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Sure, the slide bar has came off and the Motorola sticker at the top came off, but this phone has lasted through alot. Left it out in a rainstorm overnight and it still worked after drying out for a few days. It got dropped and stepped on a few times and still works. No problems with receoption and has all the basic functions a cell phone needs. Nothing fancy, but it is a quality phone.


Monticello, IA


Motorola ROKR Cell Phone - somewhat disappointing


I've been using this phone for two years now and keep planning to buy a new phone. I find this phone really frustrating. It will often freeze up on me and then I have to shut it off and turn back on. Sometimes, I have to remove the battery and reinstall the battery to turn the phone back on. Sometimes the touch pad will go bonkers and scroll up and down the phone list ending up on the wrong contact. Sometimes it moves too fast, other times too slow. The jack for the headset is a nuisance. It is a larger size connector and the headsets are more challenging to find. I got the phone for free when I contracted with T-Mobile. I'm just ready for a new phone and happy to donate this one. The camera and video features are nice. Have to admit though that my grandson uses those features more than I do. Every once in a while I take a photo. The phone is super sensitive. Often times, it I move it the wrong way in my purse, it will go into the video mode without me knowing and then the battery goes dead. This is not good because I commute a long distance to work and rely on the phone in an emergency. I'll be replacing it with another phone as soon as I can remember. :)


Crofton, MD


Great Cell Phone, But Cheaply Made


The Motorola ROKR cellular phone is a great phone and a really excellent concept, but I think it is cheaply made. Overall, the phone is easy to use and nice and small at the same time. It is a nice little gadget to have around and is fairly reliable in terms of its electronics. The overall build of the phone is not as great though. The casing and parts are made kind of frugally and crack easily. Over a short time, my phone broke apart almost and there was no compensation or replacement from either the provider or manufacturer. Part of the problem is likely that the phone is not covered up well and has a lot of the flaws of the phones before flip phones where the cracks and other things would form quickly due to rapid wear and tear and because of high usage, which should be expected. Overall, I cannot say that I would recommend this phone unless someone was expecting to replace it quickly. I hope they build a better model as the idea is really cool.


Washington, DC


Overall, a good phone


I was given this phone over 2 years ago for my job.  When I went in to the cell phone store, i was adament about the signal strength of the phone.  I live 2 miles from the state line, and even though towers are nearby, calls are constantly dropping.  My previous phone was literally unusable at our house.  So I needed a phone that wouldn't constantly drop calls. For the first year, this phone performed pretty well in the service department.  Few calls were dropped, and I had very little trouble in this area.  Now, however, I am less impressed.  It frequently drops calls and I typically use the phone in areas where there is better signal. The battery has also not be real impressive.  This is the second battery for the phone, and it still sometimes starts beeping at me before the end of the day with moderate use. I like the smallness of the phone, the shape and style, and the ease of use.  It has also been fairly durable, lasting well over 2 years.


Hills, MN


I'm sticking with it


I've gone through three phones in the past six years. Not that much compared to the number others go through, but quite disappointing for me since the other two phones both actually broke/malfunctioned in under a year. I've had this Motorola one since summer 2008, and haven't had a problem with it. I think it's necessary to say what kind of user I am. I don't really use my phone -- don't text, don't talk hours and hours every night on it -- except for important calls, occasional catching up with friends (which can turn into lengthy conversations) and picture taking. Thus I don't take very great care of it. It's stuffed in my bag somewhere and often thrown and banged around my desk. It's also suffered a few droppings. But the phone withstood all of this and still works perfectly. I absolutely adore the camera on it. It's not great, but it gets the cellphone picture taking job done. And, actually, compared to the quality of the pictures taken on my friend's Blackberry, it gives quite clear results.The only dissatisfaction I have is that sometimes the connection isn't very clear, but then I don't know if that's actually the phone or my crappy service provider. Overall, it's a great phone. 


New Haven, CT


Motorola Rokr Is Awesome.


The Motorola Rokr is one of the best cell phones that I have ever used. It has everything I want. Bluetooth, MP3 Player, Good looking outside and everything else that I could possibly need or want in a phone. What else could I ask for when I have a phone that does everything.


Saint Louis, MO


Motorola ROKR has a lot of cool features


This phone has nice features. I had one when it was called the Motorola Rizor. I loved the music player as well as the 2.0 megapixel camera. It took nice pictures and videos. The music player kept me company many days traveling on the train. I even dropped this phone on the outside stairs of the subway..which are metal and the screen cracked but did not interfere with me being able to see on the screen. I thought that was great! Durable screen. Now the little circle in the middle of the D(directional) pad. That is another story. It fell off and made it a little difficult to use the pad. This was before my dropping of it though. I used this phone for a good 2 years. I feel it was worth the money I paid for it.


New York, NY


Neat idea but horrible durability.


My husband purchased this phone and not even a year later the thing was unusable.  The first thing to happen to it was one of the keys fell off.  We thought this was a bit odd but then we had another friend who had the same phone and as we were telling her what happened, she opened hers up, touched that key and it fell off as well!  What are the odds, seriously?  Things starting going downhill right away.  The speaker worked for about 2 months and then wouldn't work anymore.  Then it had issues with charging.  We would charge the phone overnight and it would still be dead in the morning.  We sent it in to get fixed and it was fine for about a month and then started doing the same thing again.  The screen went blank after a few months and we were unable to text or see who's calling.  It had never been dropped or damaged so I have no idea why it had so many issues.  Everyone we have talked to with these phones has had problems though.


Manitowoc, WI


Rokrs greatedt ability is to be used as a rock


The Motorola Rokr is phone that had a lot of dreams in it. The first thing that you notice about the phone is the "invisible" keyboard. The keyboard is touch sensitive and not raised, when not is use the phone just appears as a smooth black screen.  This attribute to the phone brought a lot of compliments it really is an eye catcher. Unfortunately the screen is rather small and the screen is not touch. The keypad also includes a scroll wheel which made going through lists or scrolling extremely easy. The Rokr was designated as a music phone.  The downside to this was even when using the media card; the phone would have some serious lag. The phone does include an fm radio with great reception never had any issues with the getting a station. The phone only allows the basic internet data plan. So unfortunately as far as internet is concerned it left a lot to be desired while tzones did work great and was compatible with the phone any other website was pretty much out of the question.  I did download a few games while I had the phone. The games and graphics were good. Controls were great, just a strain on the eyes with the small screen. Also of you like to change your face plate to match your wardrobe that will be out of the question with this phone. The rokr was great about holding a charge no complaints on the battery life. Awesome feature about this phone was also the lock key instead of having to press the keypad and enter a lock code you could just lock your phone with a slide clicker on the side of the phone this made locking and unlocking extremely easy and convenient. While I don't believe lived it up its expectation I would definitely be interested if a newer model was to come out with more modernized features.


Yuma, AZ


I have had many cell phones and the Motorola ROKR was the best!


   I am very excited to be writing a review on the Motorola ROKR!  I used this phone for over 2 years and was completely satisfied with it the entire time.  It is one of the older phones Motorola has available but it's definitely one of the best they have.  This phone has a great camera with zoom and FLASH!  Some pricey phones these days don't even offer flash.  My brother also owned this phone and loved it.  We had 3 total and I actually still have them.  This phone is not only practical but very durable.  I would definitely recommend this phone time and time again.  If you are looking for a good cell phone that isn't too expensive this is the route to go.


Denver, CO


Motorola ROKR Cell Phone

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