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Motorola RAZR V3x Cell Phone

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it is for every day use


I really love this motorolla cell phone..it is easy to use and handle..it has many options that you need in your every day..alarm clock, calculator, stop watch,world clock, and notepad. You can easily search for your contacts.You can listen to music and get new ringtones on it. It contains a USB mode. You can play funny games like pac-man and tetris pop. You can use bluetooth, It has a good camera and you can download the pictures to your computer.It is excellent if you have small children in your home because it remains working even if they played with it or throw it on the floor 100 times!!! Its battery is great, you need to charge it every week the phone gives you many warnings if it were to die so you will be sure that your phone is always on work. The speaker of this phone is amazing, when you put the haighest master volume you can hear the phone ringing from a far distance. I refer it to all my freinds.

Tallahassee, FL


The motorolla v3? Wouldn't recommend it.


There are too many flaws when it comes to the motorola v3. While I don't mind how slim it is and I like the larger screen, the camera is terrible even for a camera phone. There is also no way to add a memory card. This inhibits so much. No music (or maybe 3 songs), few photos. I had to go back and delete my messages all the time because there wasn't enough memory. The phone is simply a phone. The are no other uses. Due to the inability for me to add my own music, I was stuck with the ringtones in the phone (actually, I added one short ringtone and it worked fine). The music really isn't great at all. There isn't anything about the phone that is outstanding or special so it really doesn't seem worth it. I remember a few features like bluetooth, but that comes along with most phones now. While I managed to somehow, put it in the washing machine twice and once in the dryer and still have it live, my friends have managed to drop it (not from very high) and have the phone split in the middle. I've never seen that happen to any other phone. Many of my friends have somehow utterly destroyed this phone before, so I think that they should be handled with care. I personally prefer something that I don't have to worry about shattering 24/7.

Arlington, VA


The worse cellular phone I have ever owned.


WoooW!  I am very disappointed with the Motorola Razor phone.  For starters it is rather thin for my taste, which causes me to drop the phone often.  The clearity on this phone is not all what it is cracked up to be.  I think this phone is way overrated.  This has to be the worse cellular phone I have ever purchased!  The battery life is SHORT even with purchasing new batteries several times.  I do not recommend this phone, however this is my personal opinion.

Lockport, IL


Motorola RAZR V3x Cell Phone

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