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V3 Razr
Motorola MotoRAZR Cell Phone

Read 1,122 Reviews

Decent cellphone that coming to its age


I've bought this phone 4, yes, FOUR, years ago for my mom to use as her cellphone.  This is by far the phone that stays alive the longest.  Most other phones any of us have owned before, didn't last more than two year, three at most.  I was surprised she is still using this to this day.  But she told me she will finally decides to move on to a new phone as her contract expires within the next month.  Her phone finally coming to its last leg as it has issues listening to others on the other end at times and some of the times, people can barely hear what my mom say on her end.  Other than this "old age mishap", this phone has lasted long enough for obvious reasons.  It's a decent phone that is durable with decent funtionality.  A 1.3 megapixel might seem weak today, but for four years ago, it's great and it's still going strong.  If it's not for the failing call quality of the phone, she told me she would be willing to keep using this phone until it truly breaks.  LOL, true cost conservative moms!


San Gabriel, CA


One of the best cells I ever owned


I owned many big and bulky cellular phones before buying myslef a razr V3 so I was not used to how slim and thin the screen was or how the phones buttons were designed. With that said though, I was completely blown away by every one of those things. The bluetooth feature came in handy a bunch of times with the help of a great motorola bluetooth headset (sold seperately). The camera takes great photos, especially considering this is not a digital camera, this is a cellular. Even with the smartphones released these days, the motorola though somewhat dated, can still compete with the phones of today, mostly because the battery lasts longer than most new phones do and that's mostly due to new phones having much larger and bright screens. For a person who doesn't need fancy features and games or touchscreens, the motorola razr v3 is destined for you for certain.


Beverly Hills, CA


Love motorola's


I used to have Sprint for my phone and service. Never again. I like my new plan and my new phone! I finally get coverage! My provider is great, but I also give a lot of credit to my Motorola Razor. It is a flip phone which is nice because I am not accidentally pushing buttons and calling people. I don't have to worry about "locking" my phone before putting it back in my pocket that way. I get great reception. I can go in my basement and hear clearly. Also, another perk is that the phone seems nearly indestructable. This is a good feature for me because I have a tendency to break phones and be somewhat rough on my phones. I have dropped this Razor many times and it still works well. The battery that came with it only last about a year before it started making me charge it at least twice to three times a day to keep the charge to make phone calls. That was the only main drawback, but batteries are cheap to buy an extra. I like the photos that this phone takes. Not extremely high quality, but decent for a cell phone! It is a thin phone that fits well in my pocket or purse.


Mankato, MN


The Phone That Wouldn't Die


I had this phone for years. In my opinion, it is one of the worst phones out there. The battery life is weak, buttons are flush with the phone, screen gets dust under it so you can't see well, etc. I'm pretty cheap so I only replaced the phone when my contract was up. I replaced it twice and both phones were destroyed in accidents, so I always ended up going back to the Razor. I hated it but I will give it a positive rating on durability. It survived every drop I put it through. The features are limited, not much more to offer other than phone calls and texting. The screen has a major problem with collecting dust under it so I got to the point where I couldn't text very well because I couldn't see what I was writing. The camera is also pretty outdated. I think it's 1 megapixel. This was my third Motorolla phone and I haven't found one yet I like. If you can find this phone for free it might be worth it otherwise save yourself the trouble.


Pleasant Grove, UT


Motorola Razor v3 zxc


Not bad but won't last for more than a year before it falls apart. Cheap kids phone. Features were fine for me. small and would have a carring case.Texting and picture messaging work fine.Good basic phone has web but did not use it.Flat screen, fairly big.Dropped it several times and did not break. The only problem i had was with the speaker phone after a year it quit working.Worked great during that year.I would reccomend if you like to get a new phone every year like i do.My son is still using mine if you don't mind not having a speaker which he doesn't. Bright colors, easy to carry.Sent and recieved calls with no problem.Uncomplicated and reliable dropped mine in water a couple of times.It dries out and worked fine for me.I had a couple of these in different colors.Both had speaker issues.Very tough for such a slim phone.Easy to carry in a purse or backpack my son take his in a backpack everyday to school no problems.


Tucson, AZ




This cell phone is honestly a great phone!!!! The technology, I agree, is a little outdated and the picture quality isnt the best, but you definantley get your moneys worth, You can actually work it in a sink full of water it is so durable. My boyfriend's fell into the toliet and still works to this day. It also ended up going through half a washing machine cycle and still worked! We thought it was pretty much a miracle! I never thought it would actually work. We looked on youtube to see just how water proof it was, turns out they did show people using this cell phone in the shower and in the tub. It is not bulky so it is easy to slip into your jeans pocket and be on your way for the day! Honestly, I know its not the blackberry or droid with tons of music and internet everyone wants now a days but I seriously do think this would be a great first phone for one of your children or if you want a phone thats not too fancy.


Eureka, SD


The best and worst of Motorola razor v3


Hola, in my experience with cellphones as a mother of three and a little one who just turn 5 i will like to tell you a little about the motorola - razor v3.  i used to have one a few year ago, it was red.   The first time i saw i felt in love with the phone.  It was skinny, nice looking phone,  in other words it was a nice cellphone for me and must of you will say the same thing. When i first got the phone i had a lot of fun getting to know the phone.  I like some of the features and others where the same as my old phone.  I like the big screen where i could se pictures very clear.  I like the answering tones. The phone was ok.  Now im going to tell you some of the things that i didnt like a lot. To start i did not like that there were not too many colors to choose from, specially my favor color pink.  And something that i dislike  a lot was the quality of the pictures it take. I like to take pictures in my phone so i can cary them with me, and you never know when you may need a camara. But the worst thing was that as you parents know childrens are not very carefull with the things they grab.  The phone was so easy to brake.  I had ans i have  phones that felt and felt and they keep working no matter what. This phone was so easy to brake, it did not last long.  But if you do not have childrens or a dog you will be fine.


Bristol, CT


Great phone!


Shortly before my daughter's (14yo) contract was up which enabled us to buy her to buy a new phone, her NV3 finally bit the dust. I contacted my cousin, who gets new phones whenever something new comes around, had a Razor for my daughter to use. She loved it so much that she still uses it, even though we could have gotten her a new one 7 MONTHS AGO! 


Poughkeepsie, NY


Not a good phone at all


I got this phone 4 years ago and had nothing but problems, i called in at least once a week because of a random "humming" noise, they would send me new phones and the same thing would happen it was so loud that people calling me could hear it over what i was saying. The phones don't break very easy but they are not good quality either. half the features that it was suppose to have it didn't have. it freezes, shuts off, the number buttons get stuck i called 911 because of this 14 times in 3 weeks. after dealing with this for so long i finally got them to send me a whole new phone. i had mine through cingular (att) but i was told the tmobile ones are much better but if you think about it how does that make sense? its the same phone just a different company. try it for yourself but i cant garantee you will not have massive problems like i did my sister had the same problem with hers and ended up canceling her service because of it.


Enumclaw, WA


Motorola Razr is a great phone


The Motorola Razor is a great phone.  It has some of the frills, but also has great ease of use.  I have had the same one for over a year now, and it still works like the day I got it.  I have had no problems whatsoever.  I really like that it folds shut so you don't have to worry about pocket dialing people if it's in your pocket or your purse or wherever.  My husband has one to and he is a carpenter, so you can imagine the beating his phone takes, but it still keeps on working.  He absolutely loves it.  We usually have totally different taste in cell phones, but this one we both agree is a great phone.  The battery doesn't seem to get old very fast, the camera is pretty decent, and like  I said before, the phone is just easy to use.  It also comes in different colors, and is pretty stylish.  If you don't need to have a smartphone, one of these is the way to go.  They are also inexpensive, especially if you shop around online.  Overall, I would say they are a great phone for the price!


Omro, WI


Motorola MotoRAZR Cell Phone

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