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Motorola Moto W233 Renew Cell Phone

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Longing for a change.


I have used this Motorola phone for 4 years now. I am ready for something a bit more modern and will be getting it and more than likely sticking with Motorola. This phone has been through the ringer as it has been my primary telephone. It still sounds clear. I have never lost any of my accumulated data. I can still play games on it, surf the internet, take pictures, play games, I can text and of course talk. It has a calendar and it is my alarm in the morning. The alarm is the greatest feature. If the power goes out durning a storm it has come in very handy waking me up in the morning. Or is that a good thing? It means that noone that owns a cell phone has no excuse to be late for work..haha. I always thought the buttons were so tiny but it really has not been an issue. It also has voice recognition so I can keep it hands free while I drive. Its great the way this technology is going. This is a start up advanced phone and it has been perfect. Oh, I almost forgot, it was free too!


Mcdonough, GA


Motorola Renew, worst cell phone sold


To say what is good about this cell phone would be hard as everything is wrong with this cell phone. Aside from the indefinate amount of dropped calls, almost every call I make is a dropped call. I thought it was just this handset but boy was I wrong as I had the cell phone company replace it twice, but finally I got stuck keeping this phone as they could not replace it with anyother model as this one was the one I purchased. The speakerphone, you cannot hear anything, so if you are somewhere like in a car and the wind is blowing through the window, forget about it, you will not be able to hear anything out of the speaker. also the handset is very difficult to hear the other person and volume control doesn't do anything to help that. I really have to say that before buyinng this phone I was an avid mobile phone user. After getting this phone, I find I hardly don't make phone calls because I almost always end up dropping the call and people on the other end grow tired of this.I would say the only good feature would be the calculator, I have to say it is the easiest on any phone I've had. And also if you love the planet this phone is environmentally friendly, (maybe partly to the fact that it will make you not want to make calls) so this is why I gave it 1 star, also because there  is no  negative1 rating. Also this phone has no camera.


Chula Vista, CA


great for recycling!


Everyone is trying to do the environmentally friendly thing~ Thus the moto renew cell phone.  It is very easy to use, very light weight, durable. This phone has all basic functions so it was a great phone for my 13 yr old to have... no frills, basic functions... DURABLE.. The phone had been dropped several times, and never once broke, or fell apart... Sturdy construction,, Made from recycled materials this is a very cheap inexpensive phone. This tree hugging environmentally friendly mom loves it!!   The only problem I had is the battery had to be constantly charged, charge didn't seem to last long..   I paid 10.- for this phone on sale, and it lasted my daughter about a year.. SO economically very worth the money.  And as far as evironmentally, it was the right thing to do, buy recycled, recycle again!! A great value for the money.. great  economically priced starter phone for the teen! :)


Hutchinson, MN


Very good for a basic phone, but not much else: Renew W233


The Motorola Renew W233 does what you would expect in a basic phone and does it fairly well.  It also has some added bells and whistles of games, mp3 functionality, and a few others.  The phone isn't ultra slim, but slim enough so that you won't look like you're lugging around a brick in your jeans when you put this in your pocket. That said, the speakerphone on this phone is absolutely horrible.  You can barely hear anything coming out of its tinny, very very mute speaker, making hands free communication extremely difficult.  You will probably need to buy a wired handset (no bluetooth on this phone!) to make it work in a car.  For the eco conscious among us, this phone supposedly is made entirely out of recycled/recycable materials and has a very low carbon footprint.  The build quality of this phone does not even suffer at all, as It feels as solid as any other phone made of plastic.  In fact, I have dropped this phone onto sidewalk/pavement more than a fair share of times and it is still 100% functional.


Beverly Hills, CA


better then iphones


I had an IPhone and Blackberry, both broke within 4 months, without me damaging them.  So I went back to just phone and messaging capability and loving it.  Had the phone for over two years and had no problems with it at all....and still keep it as a spare.  Great phone!


Bothell, WA


good sound quality and durible but lacking batterylife


this phone while a good chioce for an mp3 sound quality is magorly lacking in battery power you can drain the power completely with the use of less than one gig of music it lacks a camera  and will eventaully loose conection to tzones even the cacultor puts a major strain on the battery. while this to be expected with an "enviromently freindly" phone it was woefully less than expeted battery life while it served me well i had to upgrade to a newer phone for the simple fact it lost connectivity to on of its most important features after a year of use. this outraged me due to the fact i love to browes the wall papers i could put on it. if i had any advice for someone new to the market of cell phones i'd have to say if your only goin to use a phone for making calls get a cheaper one and those of you that want a phone with moore feature go with a different phone i have bought only motorolla phones for the past 4 years this is the only one i had a gripe with


Topeka, KS


Easy Dial, Happy Life!


I just got this type of cell phone about 6 month ago and this is indeed a very useful phone, becuase it can do many things I never though possible. Play games, listen to ringtone by caller or as a alarm clock, text, etc. This is indeed my first cellphone and I love it, including the fact that it's easy to use.


Brooklyn, NY


good for the price, no bells and whistles


When my other phone died and somehow I missed the window to get a new phone for free, I picked the cheapest one that I liked and it turned out to be the Motorola Renew. It doesn't have any swivels, flip-tops, or a camera or video, but it does the job. I guess if it had those things my kids would have broken it by now, so this phone actually is quite durable having survived the handling of 2 toddlers. There is a little rubber cover that covers the connection for the charger, and I thought it would have broken off by now but it's still connected. The battery life has been good. The buttons are on the small side though, which is fine for me, but I know it's a little difficult for my husband. I also don't like that the default on the text messaging is not on the automatic spelling function that my old phone was on, so I have to punch every letter or manually change the setting every time. Nothing in the manual told me how to change the default, so I'm assume it just is like that. I do like though that it is environmentally friendly, it was part of their go green initiative  I think, but because of that, it's green, kind of an olive green that is okay with me, but I prefer other colors. Otherwise, overall, it's a phone that does its job.


Irvine, CA


meets my needs


Well, I'm far enough behind the rest of my generation in terms of technology to not miss the features that this environmentally friendly cell phone lacks.  The Motorola Renew doesn't have a camera (i'd rather shoot quality pics with my film or digital SLR cameras anyway), it doesn't have flashy graphics or ringtones, and it doesn't flip open or spin sideways or turn into a computer.  It does have good sound quality, good screen size, good memory (I had 250 text messages in my inbox before I reached capacity and had to start deleting them), good battery life (I do not plug it in every night), and good conscience.  The phone itself is a happy lime green color and matches my winter coat : ).  In call features include volume toggle, speakerphone and call waiting.  Optional call forwarding is a nice feature for me because we have a land line and when I am at home (which is often because of my 4 month old baby girl) I don't need to be using my cell minutes, but I also don't have to be giving out my home # (tricky, I know).  The Renew is made of recycled materials, is recycleable and comes in recyclable post-consumer packaging.  It has a calendar, a calculator, and an alarm clock.  I don't need anything else.  If you are a no frills person, like me, this phone will meet your needs and won't take up your time with superflouous add-ons and my husband's phone does.  I got mine through T-Mobile for next to nothing.  Totally worth it. 


Elmhurst, IL


Motorola Moto W233 Renew Cell Phone

3.7 9