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Motorola MOTO Q Smartphone

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I'd be lost without my Motorola Q


I absolutely love my Motorola Q.  I received it as a gift from my husband a little over 2 years ago.  It comes in very handy for checking my email while "on the go".  I can look up movie times or locate businesses via the internet.  The full qwerty keyboard is the best.  The camera is 1.3 megapixels and has a backlight.  It takes great pictures.  The pictures can be downloaded to my computer or emailed.  It has video capture and playback. The Q has dual stereo speakers and Windows Media Player. It is capable of email client messaging, text messaging, and multi-media messaging.  It has blue tooth connectivity and a built-in mini USB connector.  It also has a mini SD removable card slot.  Advanced speech recognition and speaker phone are built in.  I know it's not the newest on the market, and it doesn't have the "Blackberry" prestige, but it is a great phone. It is packed with functionality and technology.  I couldn't be more pleased with another phone.


Raymond, MS


Could not live without this


I've used the Q for almost a year now and the convenience is fantastic.  It was easy to synchronize with our work server and very handy.  The bluetooth earpiece, extended battery life, and qwerty keyboard are all advantages over the blackberry I used to use.  I also use the internet connection on it to go online wiht my laptop whereever I'm at. 


Jenison, MI


No thank you


I had this phone for two weeks.  The first day was great, but after that, the phon started to do odd things, like shut itself down and call people back on its own.  I acually had it record a conversation and leave it on my husband's voicemail.  It was more trouble than it was worth.  I took it back and got the EnV from Verizon.  LG phones are the best.


Pittsburgh, PA


nice phone though issues abound


The Motorola Q is a very decent smartphone. It is not great but is not without its flaws too. The screen is bright and easiliy readable. With the latest firmware update from Motorola, the battery life is about as good as any smartphone on the market. Connectivity on the sprint network is fast and clear ( I asume it would be at least as good on verizon.) The one major flaw is the keyboard. The size is on the small size and the keys have a tendency to not respond to presses. Some buttons require mulitple presses to get a charector on screen. I dread having to type the letters "K", "V" or "Y". I plan on bringing it in to sprint ot have it looked at but I dont have the time when they are open.  I would recomend the motorola Q with the caveat that you might have to go through a number of them until you find one that the keyboard functions perfectly.


Flushing, NY




I was really excited when I first got my Moto Q, but compared to other phones so far it just seems to be 'okay'. I use my cell phone as an alarm clock on the road, however this one even at the highest volume possible is barely audible no matter what tone I pick. Also it seems like the battery is dead every other minute - when I bought it the man said to make sure there weren't programs constantly running which apparently drains batteries so I have been, but it doesn't seem to matter. Overall as I said before I would give this product an 'okay' -- definitely not the worst, but not the best either.


Wise, VA


Total Portability


As a computer consultant with a large territory.  I needed something portable enough that I could take it everywhere, but powerful enough that I could keep up with everything I needed when I was on the road.  With only a few additions the moto Q is the perfect cell phone for me.  I added the extended battery, and some software to allow me to sync my notes.  I have never been more pleased with any other new device I have ever purchased.


Canton, NC


A great smartphone but a small keyboard.


The Moto Q smartphone is a great phone. It has clear call quality and good reception. Battery time is typical of a smartphone, it needs to be charged daily if you use it a lot and/or have it checking your e-mail a lot. The screen and keyboard are small, however, and that keyboard is also how you dial, so try it out in a store before you buy it because you may have trouble dialing while not looking at the phone (i.e. while driving). The voice regognition software works great on every name I have except (for some reason) the name Ryan. However, you have to say an extra command "name dial" and wait for it to recognise that command before you can use the voice recognition, which is typical of all new Moto phones and not a positive in my mind.


Hollywood, FL


Cellphone, calendar, mp3 player - all in one & fits in my pocket


I upgraded from Motorola's RAZR to the Q a couple months ago.  (My husband inherited the RAZR!)  I really needed a convenient and portable calendar, and this one is very intuitive to use.  The keyboard is also very easy to use.  Windows Media Player is just an added bonus, but one I really like.  I have wanted an mp3 player almost as long as I've wanted a PDA, so this phone is perfect for me.  I'm already used to using Media Player, so I didn't have to learn another system.  I bought a 2GB card, and that holds quite a bit of music as .wma files.  I know I don't use all of the features of my phone, but I'm thrilled with the features I do use.  The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the phone part of it isn't as intuitive as I'd like.  I've always had Motorola phones, and I still can't figure out how to make the speed dial feature work, or if I did then it's not that great.  Also, my previous phones have had a way to switch the volume of the ring tone from loud all the way down to vibrate.  I can't figure out how to do that with this phone unless I want to go through the whole menu and change the settings.


Nanticoke, PA


Great little PDA


The Q is an excellent smartphone for the business user on a budget. No stylus, but buttons keep it easy to use. I would highly recommend the extended battery, as it greatly improves the short battery life. Windows Mobile 5, and the mini-SD card slot provides up to an additional 2 GB of storage.


Milan, IL


Love the phone, hate the battery.


My husband and I both purchased the Q after getting rid of our Sprint service (after they erased every single contact in my phone). At first we loved it, great for texting, easy to check email on the web enabled sites and the sound quality on the actual phone was good. Recently we noticed that the phone doesn't seem to hold a charge. At all. I unplug my phone as I leave for work, commute for about an hour then turn it off when I get to work. I turn it on when I get back in the car at the end of the day and often by the time I get home (an hour later) the battery is already down from three bars to two. We took the phones to the Verizon store (as this is a new occurance so we thought maybe something was wrong with the phone) and the tech support said that battery life is a problem with all of the Q's and the only options were to buy the extended batter and to kill all of the programs that are running on occasion after you text or email. (and to only keep the phone plugged in only until it's charged. then unplug it until it needs to be recharged. who can do this?) My husband opted for the extended battery and is still having problems. If I had it to do all over again I would not purchase the Q. Since I don't use the PDA capabilities fo the phone I would have been perfectly fine with one of the flip phones that has both the number pad and the keyboard.


Alexandria, VA


Motorola MOTO Q Smartphone

3.5 48