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Motorola - Moto Cell Phone

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The Motorola W260g provides basic Cell Phone Service


The Motorola W260g Cell Phone was purchased as a Trac Phone. This telephone displays all the basic information regarding the amount of time, the number of service days available until more time must be purchased before your account will no longer be active.   Airtime Cards are available at more than 70,000 stores nationwide. Each time you purchase more airtime, an additional 90 days are added to your Service days.  There is a double the airtime minutes card, which will add one year of Service days and an additional 400 minutes to your airtime balance. The phone is also equipped with a wide variety of different ring tones, wallpaper,and screen savers. In addition to basic phone features, you can personally set up your voicemail to your preferences. This phone will also send and receive text messages, comes pre-loaded with several games.  Telephone numbers can be stored to either the telephone or the SIM card. Saving information to the SIM Card will allow users to transfer information to a new compatible phone, simply by changing the SIM Card. This phone provides an economical service for those who do not wish a regular monthly contract, or those of us who do not need a large amount of monthly airtime.  

Banning, CA


Good Basic Phone


This is a very good basic phone. Although it is a flip phone, it does lack the average features on a flip phone. It does have a status indicator screen on the exterior but does not have the full color LCD screen. Call quality is great and volume is loud enough that you do not have to increase the volume too high. It has the basic tools such as calculatior and alarm clock. It comes with a few ringtones but it comes with a software to allow you to create and load your own ringtones onto the phone. The battery lasts for about 3 hours of talk time and 6 days standby. The phone does support bluetooth but does not have expandable memory. For the price for this basic flip phone by Motorola is a bargain. It does the the job of being able to make and receive calls.

San Mateo, CA


Motorola - Moto Cell Phone

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