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Motorola MOTOMING Smartphone

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Great phone for Asia


I purchased the "Ming" version of this A1200 from Hong Kong.  Motorola Asia / HK upgraded this phone for a nicer LCD screen (compare to the old E680i )  and the screen can be protected by the transparent ear piece cover (nice touch!)  This phone has quite a bit unique built-in features that the other European version don't.  First and the most important of all, it has a unique Chinese character recognition features that allow user to input Chinese characters with a touch of your stylus or your thumb!  Yes, your thumb!!  If you think your thumb might be too big for that tiny LCD screen; well, you will be surprise how it can recognize any style of Chinese characters you throw to it.  I mean, I can even ask my 6 years old daughter (who just barely learn how to write basic Chinese) to write on it and still be able to spell it out correctly.   Next cool thing is the Business Card Recognition apps they installed for you.  For the first time in my life, I was so impressed by the advance Chinese OCR program that can recognize portrait and landscape type of Chinese character and place them correctly into your contact list or phone book.  One draw back is that, you very much need to provide a nice contrasted business card in order to recognize it correctly.  Yes, black and white preferred!  Then it comes to the calls quality and be able to switch ot other built-in apps while you are talking on the phone.  It didn't slow down the load time or drop calls.  I like the dedicated CALL and END CALL button.  I found that little navigation joystick annoying for a big thumb guy like me! Overall, it's an awesome phone until I met my first Android phone lately!  I wish this phone can hack into as a Android OS, otherwise; I am quite happy with it for the past 3 years of useage!  Battery life still strong with the original ones!

Sunnyvale, CA


OMG! This phone is awful!


I am not going to rant about the brand because if these last years Motorola has showed they can really be BIG if they want to. But that being said, let's move forward with this MOTOMING A1200 "Smartphone".First of all, it's laggy, you can't even navigate through the phone without waiting 1-5 seconds between pages. Camera is awful, no matter how you take the picture it is always blurry and out of focus. Applications? Forget about it, there are none, I believe when this phone was launched Facebook didn't even exist so you can imagine what you can do with it.The worst is yet to come, even if you buy this phone factory unlocked you might have to add GRPS and MMS settings manually, which is not the problem here because I have had to add settings before to other phones and it wasy pretty easy but this phone...? No, you can spend thousand of hours just to understand what you're doing.Screen? Awful and not even responsive. Processor? As I said before is slow, but really really slow.Well, I have said what I think about this phone and I have used for like... 3 weeks before selling it because it was a nightmare to me. Do not buy it!!

Miami, FL


not great battery life


I usually like motorola phones, they are easy to use and don't have too many different, hard to figure out features. This phone is no different. However, the sound quality is not that great. I hear a lot of static or crackling on the phone - it could be that my particular set has this problem because I bought mine refurbished. The battery life is horrible. I know that smart phones are not supposed to last that long because of the interactive screen etc, but this one is especially bad. I had to buy a new, separate battery for my phone because the original one that came with my refurbished phone used to die within a day's worth of use - and I didn't even have that much talk time use out of it. The new battery dies have 2.5 days, which might be good, all things considered. But the problem is that I am not getting much talk time. When I talk on the phone for more than 3 hours in two days it dies immediately - I have to plug it in while talking just within 48 hours of my last charge.

Houston, TX


the sound is a little low


While this phone is good, I would add a bit more volume to sound, both the music as ring tones and messages. something that stands out from the motorola is the quality of the camera, their image is sharp but it could slightly increase the megapixels, and in the case of the A1200 include a focus mode and automatic digital setting instead of the classical switch which is above the camera. In conclusion of this model highlight the good quality of the camera, although the sound is low, is of good quality, transparent lid and lateral commands make it very handy and practical. is a good phone in terms of value for money, then this model hit the market the models A1210, A1600, A1800 and A1890, the latter of similar characteristics with a 3.15 Mpx camera.To highlight the A1200, we have the 312MHz Intel XScale processor, your operating system is Linux, and despite being well is not difficult to get applications and any application is java compatible, or at least the vast majority I've tried. also has a practical image editor or viewer photos and word documents, excel and power point. and well that's what I can say about this team, I was proud to have in my hands. thanks and greetings.

Amsterdam, NY


Motorola MOTOMING Smartphone

3.3 4