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Motorola MILESTONE Smartphone

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This is my second Motorola Milestone in 2 years


This phone is ok, the screen size is great for a guy. The screen is very durable, my first one rotted on the inside because of my working conditions being hot/cold and moist. One drawback to this phone is when it plays music it likes to stop/skip in songs. I've read this is a problem with this type of phone, doesn't matter what player you use. But that is about the only bad thing about this phone and I can deal with it. Battery Life I guess it depends on how you use your phone and have it set up but their doesn't seem to be a perfect balance to pro long battery life without sacrificing performance Display/Screen Quality Nice colors, sharp display Ease of Use Takes some getting used to if first touchscreen phone Durability Has survived several drops from 6' with no problems

New London, WI


The Motorola Milestone XT720 is a great phone!!


We bought this phone from I-Wirless and havent had a single problem with it yet. I love the andriod apps - plenty to choose from. The touch screen is nice and big; the keyboards are great and I have large fingers. My husband also loves it cause he can check his email at work and he LOVES that. The wi-fi is also great cause we have wi-fi in our home and the phone can connect automatically to the network and doesnt cost us to use our own network. It moves so fast its amazing. The only drawback I would say that my husband has complained about is the hold button when you are talking on the phone. If you are not using a bluetooth device; it is very easy to place the caller on hold. Other than that there are no complaints. Battery life is ok. As long as your phone isn't constantly searching for a wi-fi network; turn it off if you leave home - then your battery will be fine. I have always loved motorola and this phone is the perfect little smartphone, espically for this first time user.

Rock Falls, IL


Good phone that could be better


I like this phone alot, but i really feel that it could stand to improve on a lot of things for it to be a great phone.This is my first android phone and I am pleased with the OS in general, but I am not sure if it is just this phone, or android in general but the battery life on these things are HORRIBLE!!!! I have to charge this phone nightly, and even when I have a full charge and I just have the phone in my pocket with no use what so ever for at least 5 hours its at 80%. Aside from the battery issue. The fact that motorola will not upgrade the OS system to 2.2 is also what is holding the phone back from being great. With android 2.2 you can save things like apps to your sd card instead of using up your phones memory (which is low already). I also hate the fact that the pictures save to the phone memory and ifyou have alot of apps, you will not be able to save that many photos on the camera. However, for the apps issue, there is a way to alter the phones software where you can save the apps to the sd card (google it).   Some positive things about the phone, it has a nice interface. The touchscreen is pretty responsive to touch, calls come in crystal clear, has a good speaker and sound system for listening to music. The phone usually comes with a 8gb memory card, but it is expandable up to 32gb.The phone is very attractive, and it has a very nice 8mp HD recording camera (although the recordings can be a little fuzzy at times.)

Plano, TX


Best Phone


I love my Milestone.  The option of a keyboard is great.  The touch screen is very sensitive.  It locks easily which is a great help for me.  It takes wonderful clear pictures.  It does so many things.  I probably do not use half of it capabilities.  It is well made and heavy.  I love being able to use it horizontally and vertically.  Great phone. 

Lucedale, MS


Motorola MILESTONE Smartphone

4.0 4