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Motorola - Hybrid Cell Phone

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Not Impressive


       This phone is great for use if one works outside or in less than perfectly clear surroundings - as long as there's a tower VERY nearby.  I use this as my extra cell phone.  I got it to communicate with my husband through the walkie-talkie function.  (He has the exact phone also.)  It rarely has any reception.  We have friends on our same network with other phones, and even when they have great signal I rarely do.         I purchased the model with the extended life battery.  It won't hold a charge for two days with no phone use.  It also takes forever to charge...usually more than 12 hours.  The graphics are very low quality.  I have unlimited internet with my plan, but rarely use it because it's not a pleasurable experience.  This model of  phone is unattractive and "clunky."  It doesn't fit well in a pants pocket.  One of the most uncomfortable aspects is that it gets very hot with use.  It burns the ear after only a few minutes.  I would certainly recommend carefully looking at other phones before purchasing this one.

Loris, SC


Good at first but over time....


When I got this phone it had only been on the market for a week, needless to say I was excited that I was one of the few people who had it.  About a month later I started seeing advertisements for it.  The ic502 worked well at first maybe for the first 6 months but later I started having problems with reception, problems with the walkie-talkie (direct connect) function, and battery life.  I would leave the phone charing all night and by mid-day I was down to 1 bar on my phone and I don't do a lot of talking on my phone.  Lately, it shuts off at time when I use the direct connect while I am in mid sentence.  Although it is durable and light weight, I am ready for a new phone.

Aliso Viejo, CA


Not Impressed!!


I bought this phone last year when it was time to renew my contract. I am not impressed at all. I lose phone service all the time. When I had a regular Nextel phone, my phone NEVER went out. Now the only thing I can rely on is my walkie talkie. I have twins with disabliites and need to be able to receive calls from doctors and such. Sometimes I don't get my voice mails for days later. I am not happy! To be fair, the phone is durable.

South Charleston, OH


Take it or leave it


I was "upgraded" to the ic502.  It was supposed to be a better phone.  Little did I know I now get less signal than my old phone.  I thought because this was a hybrid phone, my service was going to be better.  Other than that, the phone is no worse than my last one.

Osceola, WI


Freezing buttons drive me crazy


The Motorola Hybrid phone stands up to abuse and dropping very well.  This is a contractor Nextel version and I am happy for the rubberized outer shell.  A rugged phone.  The sticking buttons drive me bonkers though when texting or trying to maneuver through the menus.  If you are hard on your phone this is better than insurance, but if you are a heavy texter or game player, then this is not the phone for you.

Boca Raton, FL


The Motorola IC502 is not a durable phone.


I have had the Motorola IC 502 now for about a year and it is not durable at all.  The battery dose not stay charged for constant everyday use.  The number pad has started to give out.  the 4 and the number 2 keys are not working correctly.  If you are looking a durable phone you need to look at a diffrent ohone. 

Sanford, FL


Motorola - Hybrid Cell Phone

2.2 6