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Over the Ear
Motorola - H500 Wireless Headset


Here's a headset that combines great performance and affordability. All the crucial headset functions people on the go demand -- compact design, ease of use, comfort, and wireless freedom -- are all wrapped up in the H500.

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works with a lot of phone


I have had this ear piece for at least 3 phones now. It works with most phone, even non-Motorola ones. It is fairly easy to pair with the phone as well. You can flip the ear piece to fit on either ear. You can hear pretty well with it too. It also holds a charge for quite awhile as well. The main thing about it that I do not like is how it fits on the ear. I find, that if you wear glasses with it, then the ear piece does not fit on the ear too well. I would wear it with my sun glasses and after awhile it actually would start to hurt my ear and be quite painful. Maybe it was the shape of my ear, but if I did not turn the piece way up high, almost pointing straight up, it would fall off my ear. People would actually laugh at how I had it positioned because it would be so high, but that was the only way it would stay up on my ear. Overall, it funtions well but it would be painful to wear it.

Placerville, CA


Motorola Bluetooth is a great starter headset!


The Motorola Bluetooth was my first headset purchase. I am pretty content with my purchase. The battery life is extremely long and the bluetooth functions perfectly. The charger is extremely bulky and the slide-out eletrical prongs make it difficult to place in certain outlets. Sometimes the call quality is extremely fuzzy. I think this may be caused by the over-the-ear part The bluetooth does not sit firmly against my ear and I constantly have to take it off and put it back on my ear firmly. If I try to adjust the volume, the headset becomes loose too...not exactly hands free. Once it begins to wiggle loose, the call quality begins to fail. The design is not as sleek as alot of headsets but is durable. I cannot leave it in my purse because the button is large and constantly turns on when it hits my wallet. Overall, I think this was a good starter bluetooth. The price is extremely fair for the quality and works well with all the cell phones in our house.

Norcross, GA


Handsfree bluetooth


Resonably priced for the degree of quality. Lightweight and durable. Quick response to bottoms pressed. Easily activated. Allows for handsfree listening. Sound quality is wonderful with high quality speaker and microphone. Much better quality than expected for the price paid. Would recommend to any cell phone user that wants quality bluetook at a reasonable price.

Colorado Springs, CO


Motorola - H500 Wireless Headset

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