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Motorola - Flipphone Cell Phone

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I wonder how I ever traveled without a cell phone year's ago!


I am in my early 50's and I think I can not leave the house without my cell phone. And it amazesme how depend it on it I am and my computer. We traveled alot with our children and didnt talk to friends and family for a couple weeks while on vacation. Now I can not go to the store without someone calling looking for me. I still would not do without it, even at times I am trying to hide.

Mount Morris, MI


This phone could be louder


When I first received this phone it was very nice so I wanted to protect it with a cover.  I was tickled and dropped it and sadly the phone was open so a piece of the plastic phone that was exposed was slightly dinged and scratched.  It does not hold up well with excellerated "throwing" but after the protective cover was removed months later and the phone was acciidentally dropped it did hold up and I still use it.  The only thing that pops off is the batter cover but the phone is fine.  If the screen goes blank you just turn it off and start it up again, no problem.  The features are easy to use but I wish the there was a feature to move other icons around in your own preferred order.  For example, the Internet log in feature I used to use on occasion to receive email alerts or check emails when desired is to close to other often used features, so the system would log me in and I would have to quickly exit out to avoid being charged.  The only way to avoid this was to delete my email address so it could not log on to anything.  That way if I still wanted to pay to be online, I would have additional steps to do so thereby I could avoid accidents. The camera resolution is less than desirable.  Images are blurry or pixelated and unless properly lit to suit the phones inability to photograph properly, you will be disappointed.  The video memory is shared with the photo memory so if you wanted to record 2 minutes of something you could not.  The video was not the best quality either but after seeing the camera limitations I was not surprised and expected it since the phone ended up being free. This is the second phone I have had through Cingular/At & T and had hoped a different low end free model would be better but it does hold true to the saying you get what you pay for.   Recently I have noticed errors coming up like suddenly when I was out of town or at home I would lose signals and it recently stated the the SIM card was not working.  I had to call and have this corrected.  Luckily, they provided a credit for the error. I really like the size of the camera and even though the camera and video feature are not my favorite to use it does have it.  The other thing is you can find covers for this feature much more than previous phones I have owned. I have carried the phone my pocket or purse and it is a sleek slender black plastic coating.  The screen is easily cleanable and actually has good colors on the screen.  I feel the quality should have held together with the image qualities but hopefully in my next phone, that issue will be have been resolved. The calendar is easy to use too, I was able to always receive my notifications for work or pleasure, reminders and what not.  The calculator took a few tries to understand and it is not my favorite piece of cell phone software but I am glad it even has one.  It took 6 months or longer before I found another option for me to do percentages and other icons used on traditional calculators.  It does not do complex calculations so mathermaticians would not find this feature very useful.  The background light is very bright which has been great when using my key in front door, garage or finding things in my purse.  I can also use it as a small flashlight when walking to avoid tripping in the dark and it really was bright enough in my room to see almost down my entire hallway so I'm pleased with that feature very much.  I have not had problems with cracking, the bottom popping off or major scratches which keeps it looking nice.  I had more issues with a cheap cover mentioned above and wonder if maybe that cover was the cause for the scratch since part of the protective cover broke off.  That's another thing, Be careful what you put on it.  By itself I love the black.  I love that it's a flip phone to avoid accidental calling like alot of my friends who forgot to lock their phones or like my former phones would do. The mechanism for the flip feature also has been holding up and is not wobbly or causing me a problem.  The speaker phone volume could be louder and clearer though, I always feel like I am yelling at my friends when I talk to them.  In California, we have a hands free law so I use speaker phone alot to avoid distractions but I had to raise my voice and it can be annoying. This phone does charge well on other cell phone chargers that are close in model.  I did it on accident and was please that I did not break the electronics.  I have noticed after 6 months of use though the phone does not stay charged for very long.  I used to fully charge it every 3 days.  Now it is every 2.  By June when I replace it, I am sure I will be charging it daily.  I feel like that has already begun sometimes.  If you use your phone for a long time in one sitting yes, you will need to charge it because you lose a full bar. Reception has been mostly good.  I have been able to use it over other brands and carriers.  I still fall into dead zones just like other people but that's just the layout of our lands, location and physics.  I work around it.  I have had dropped calls recently.  If the batter loses a bar you potentially lose a call and I am also annoyed that calls are going directly to voicemail as I am not on the phone.  Or I will not receive a voicemail either for days or at all.  some texts also disappear or the biggest issue is when I send it once and the person receives 3 or they send me one and I get 3 or sometimes 5.  I do not know if that is a phone issue or not but I have noticed it more with my phone (since Cinuglar went to At & T now) than any other phone I've had and over other carriers.  The charger and cord also hold up great by the way.  And the charger was conveniently small and lightweight.  Very sturdy.  This phone had been recommended to me by someone who had been using theirs for maybe 4 months and had no issues.  Had I waited til thier 6 month mark and inquired I wonder what the response would have been.  I would not have purchased this phone if I knew all of the above mentioned.  My next purchase will be after a longer period of research as I usually do with purchases.  Motorola model Razrv3 goes with battery number BR50 and is an AT  & T phone as indicated on the reverse side.  Camera states VGA Zoom 4X

Spring Valley, CA


I love the automatic flip on my phone


I am reviewing the nextel i860 flip cell phone  I love the many options that are avaible with this phone, it takes pretty good quality pictures considering it was one of the first few cell phones to take pictures. downloads are easy to do and understand on this phone. you can text on this phone but its not the easiest to understand like the new phones that are out. over all I am very satified i have had this phone for 6 years and have just recenly had to go in and replace the antenna and the was the only problem i endured, over the whole 6 years and I am very rough with my phones, i drop them all the time and this has held up very well

East Leroy, MI


Sprint has poor coverage in many areas, If you travel beware!


I have a Nextel phone with Nextell / Sprint coverage.  I am extremely disappointed with the quality of Sprint's network.  I travel frequently with work and in many locations my Sprint phone does not have service while my work phone (With Verizon) does have coverage.  In addition there are many areas were coverage is extremely weak which makes the phone basically unusable.  I will be canceling my Sprint service as soon as possible!    

Alexandria, VA


Motorola - Flipphone Cell Phone

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