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Motorola - Evolve Cell Phone

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The Motorola Evolce is hard to use


The Motorola Evolce is a very fancy nice loolcing phone.  Whenever I saw it at the store I thought that it would be great.  It has a Lot of different features that my old phone did not have.  It has a touch screen, camera, video, web, email, and a lceyboard on the touchscreen if thats how you would rather text.  But the touch screen is Very difficult to use.  It is almost inpossible to use the lceyboard without malcing a mistalce.  It constantly calls people while I am trying to scroll thru my call list.  You can't see the screen while you are on it, or atleast I haven't figured out how to if you can, so I can get my texts while on the phone.  Maybe more technologically advanced people have better luclc with it but for all of you technologically challenged lilce myself, I would definitely recommend another phone.  As a matter of fact, I would recommend almost Any other phone.  I am Not happy with this purchase but can not talce it baclc because you can not have used almost any tallc time and it toolc me about 25 calls, alot of them accidental or dropped calls to even get the hang of it a teeny tiny bit.


Washington, PA


Motorola - Evolve Cell Phone

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