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Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking Station (89395N)

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Great addition to a poorly made phone.


This docking station is a great charging alternative for this phone. It works even when the charging cord is not. It allows one to use the phone as an alarm clock / music station. It also makes it a nice picture frame. These features can be combined to some enjoyment. The best use for this really is as a charging system. My main concern is that this unit is a little bulky and doesn't help where the overheating is concerned with the original Motorola Droid.

Baltimore, MD


Almost perfect


The docking station for the original Motorola Droid is a great little with only two small draw backs. First you cannot use any kind of case that I'm aware of while in the dock. Ther is simply no room because itsimply rests in a tray that has a USB connector in the bottom. Second flaw th I cannot figure out is if you plug one end of the USB cable into your computer, instead of the AC power adaptor, to dock directly to your computer it will not charge. OK it will charge very very slowly, you can move files back and forth, but I cannot figure out the slow charge. Besides that I think it is a great deal if you can find for a good price. It automatically put you droid in landscape mode, with time, weather, alarm, shortcut to music. With the 2.2 update it does go in to sleep mode after a couple minutes. That means it goes to a small green clock on a black background and moves every couple minutes like a screen saver. Plus it tells battery state and charges fast.

Galena, OH


I never have to buy an alarm clock again with the Droid dock!


When i was looking for accessories for my Droid, I saw this docking station and I knew I had to have it. I was not discouraged of the price of the dock, and it had the same look of the phone, so it looks like they should go together. Right when you dock the phone. The docking station turns into an alarm clock looking feature which was very nice looking. It makes me feel like i would never have to buy an alarm clock again.  I would definitely tell my friends that have the Motorola Droid A855 to buy this docking station.

Hacienda Heights, CA


Rock out with the dock out.


-    WOW this product is great, The **Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking Station, was one of the smarter choices I have made. The price is awesome and the thing is a space saver, and it allows you to enjoy your Droid hands free. I bought mine on E-bay because I did no want to spend alot of money if it was not worth it. I would pay full price for the **Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking Station if I had to buy another one. I was not interested in getting a droid let alone the **Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking Station, my husband got the phone by chance on a good deal, and then me being a women whom loves to exerise had to get the docking station. I now like the phone due to the accesories that come with it.******

Reno, NV


The docking station is a great addition!


The docking station is a great addition to any droid. The only down side I found to it was that you had to take your cell phone case off in order to dock it. I feel the docking station hooks up to your phone faster then the wall charger does.

Surprise, AZ


The Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking Station works great!


The Motorola Multimedia Docking Station works like a charm! A very good product by Motorola, who have time and again showed us what quality products should be. I bought this docking station for my DROID. Let me tell you it was an investment I'm glad I made. It has a bunch of features that I love. First of all, it looks fantastic on my dresser. It has a very sleek look that gives you that bad-ass vibe, according to sources close to me. Also, when the phone is plugged into the dock, the phone turns into a clock, making it very easy to see the time. The added backlight also helps when the phone is plugged in. It's very compact and tight space friendly. If you are a traveler, you definitely want this product. A few cons is that for any added features, such as plugging the phone into the computer, you will have to buy the USB cables separately. Another negative is that the light is too bright at times, but that is more attributed to the phone rather than the phone dock. Basically a great product. Two thumbs up!

Perth Amboy, NJ


The Droid docking station is a must for Droid users!


The Motorola Droid docking station is a must for any Motorola Droid user!!  The multimedia station conveniently shows the weather degrees as well as weather condition in the bottom corner.  It will play the music on your phone.  The multimedia station has a button that you can view a slideshow of all of the pictures in your phone.  It also displays the time and large enough bold numbers that even my grandma could see without glasses.  The docking station also shows the current date in the top corner.  You can also slide the keyboard up while in the docking station and read and respond to emails and texts without having to remove it from the device.  You can do all of these wonderful things while it is charging your Motorola Droid.  There is also the option to reduce the backlight, which is nice if you are using the multimedia station beside you while you are sleeping.  My only dislike about the docking station is that you can not use it if you have a faceplate on the back of your phone.  However, it can be used with just the front faceplate on.  Definately a plus for Motorola Droid users!

Leipsic, OH


Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking Station (89395N)

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