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Motorola DEVOUR Smartphone

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I hate this phone!


I think the only thing I really liked about the phone was that it had the physical keyboard. The touchscreen sometimes didn't respond and slow. It eventually gained a life of its own by turning off in the night so no alarm went off in the morning to take kids to school on time. It was fairly heavy too in weight for a phone. Made it hard to even use the browser and internet.



Easy to use


Overall the phone is really easy to use. you can get all your social networking sites all on one screen without having to open up any apps so that aspect of the phone is great. you can also download tons of free applications that you want to use from movies to maps and travel planning as you need. the phone unfortunately uses up a ton of battery if you text a lot. i love to text and the keyboard on the phone is great which is one of the reasons i got the phone. i didnt realize the poor battery life. if you use the apps manager and close all the running apps every once in a while its better. over time the battery life has gotten worse for me but im not sure why. a bad thing about the phone is the touch. the touch screen doesnt always take the way you want especiallyt he keyboard. if you dont give the phone time to thinking before making your next move the phone will freeze. it gets a bit annoying but if i restart the phone it usually wont happen again for a while. great phone that is easy to use and have everything you need but poor battery life and the freezing make the phone average. if it didnt have the two problems, the phone would be great.

Jersey City, NJ


Motorola Devour is extremely high tech & an entertaining phone!


I have had the Motorola Devour for about 9 months and I love it.  When Ifirst got it, everyone envied me.  You can stay in touch with your friends and family, search the web, download lots of fun apps from the market plus much much more.  I still haven't figured out everything it can do!  It's like a mini laptop computer.  I can listen to any type of music I want with different apps.  I can take, save, send to email or facebook lots of pictures.  I can play many types of games on this phone.  My favorite games are the word search games.  I love that it has the ability to play silly apps, and that you can sync the phone wih your facebook, twitter, and email.  I was never much on texting, but now I think of things to text about!  It's a very fascinating phone.  It has a touch screen which spoils you.  The keyboard is pretty good even though the characters are pretty close together.  I would highly recommend this phone to everyone!

Dandridge, TN


The best keyboard on a smartphone!


I have had this phone for 13 months now, so I'm a little over half way through my commitment, but I don't want to change for any phones that are currently available. I like my phone, the motoblur feature rocks, updating all of my social networking statuses simultaneously saves me time, which is why I have a smartphone in the first place.  The call quality is outstanding, and I don't have dead zones, which I've experienced with other smartphones on the same network.  When I first bought this phone it was because I'd heard horrible things about the Motorola Droid, specifically about the keyboard, and I like to have a dedicated number row on a qwerty keyboard. The Devour had seemed to resolve both of the issues I had with the Droid keypad, by raising the keys slightly proud of the beautiful brushed aluminum surface, and having a full number row at the top of the keyboard, rather than a alternate number function row. Since I've had the phone, I have had a few minor issues with some features, namely the speed, and camera. This phone could easily have had a more powerful processor, like the one in any other android phones manufactured by Motorola. The camera on this phone is a great quality camera, but should have been given an autofocus feature, and perhaps even a flash. With these modifications, this could be the perfect phone for me. I have heard complaints about the battery life on this phone, but most Android phones have a high-drain problem on their batteries. It is something which I think could be better, especially given the relatively small screen and slow processor. As long as I'm not playing games, however, the battery lasts all day for me, which is long enough.

Clive, IA


Great phone, lousy battery life


I love this phone. I'm a reformed Blackberry user and I loved the fact that this one could do so much on the web (BB's haven't got java or several other things that leave them very web deficient).  It has great apps, great functionality and great quality of sound - but if you use it a lot for ANYTHING you're charging it half way through the day. Not exactly convenient! I hope when I get my X it has either a better battery life or enough bells and whistles to make up for it!

Clemmons, NC


The Motorola Devour has awesome applications and a great gps.


My parents bought the Motorola Devour for me in February of 2010.  I was not comfortable with this purchase because I did not think I would enjoy a smartphone.  I have always been simple when it comes to a cell phone but I am hooked on this phone.  I am able to load music on my mp3 player, use gps through google maps, and download so many other applications to help me on a daily basis.  I love the fact that it is like having a hand held computer with me at all times.  There is an eight gigabite sd card that comes with this phone and eight gigabites of memory on the phone.  I have downloaded and loaded so many different applications on my phone and not even close to taking up all of the memory.  This is a big plus for this phone.  I use the mp3 and internet radio on a daily basis while I am working and excersing.  This smartphone does have the ability to slide open for a full keyboard.  I love using the keyboard while texting or sending e-mails because I am not a big fan of the touchscreen keyboard.  My phone sometimes decides to turn off and re-start itself so I am still trying to understand why it does this.  This would be the only complaint I have for this phone.  I would definitly tell anyone to give this phone a try because you will use every attribute of the phone.

Columbia, SC


The Motorola devour is great for staying connected with friends.


I have had this phone since april of 2010. I am very tech savvy and know a lot about computers. I use this phone mainly for texting and social networking. The battery life is not the greatest. The camera does not have a flash or zoom feature, which I think would make the phone better if it did. The phone is part of the 3G network but when it is using that I find that it kills the battery even faster. I do like that each person you text has their own "message log" and you can see everything you've sent the person in one log. I love the phones capabilities and would rate it higher if the battery life wasn't so bad. Also, I am not sure if its just my phone or not but the phone freezes up every so often in the middle of doing regular things on the phone such as texting, downloading apps or browsing the internet on the phone. The phone has a great music player and there are certain apps that will allow you to download mp3 files. I believe you can also put music from your computer on the phone but I myself have not done this.

Glendale, AZ


Not the best smartphone, but it'll do


I have had the Motorola Devour for a little over a month now. All and all it's not a bad phone. It comes with many handy dandy features, including web navagating abilities, tons of free apps, and the ability to school even an electronically challenged indiviual like myself. However, I have noticed (as has everyone I've talked to) that it's very difficult for the person on the receiving end to hear me. Accompanied by dropped calls, and having to reboot the battery for little "glitches". Overall it's not the best smartphone out there, of this I'm positive. But it does what I need it to do, without *too much* fuss.

Louisville, KY


It's like the droid, but more girly and user friendly.


I've had this phone for a couple months now, it's my first smartphone.  I had been considering the Droid, however the keyboard annoyed me.  I find it impossible to type by feel alone on a droid because there is no separtion between keys.  The keyboard on the Devour has distinct, raised keys.  It feels very sturdy, and it has rubber on the back that does a good job protecting it if you drop it.  Even with frequent use, my battery outlasts most of my friends phones.  Also, many free aps are available in the Adroid marketplace...including Pandora radio, Facebook, multiple weather programs, and TextPlus (A program which allows you to send SMS text messages to other phones for free, using your phones internet connection)

Bangor, ME


Motorola DEVOUR Smartphone

3.6 9