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Motorola - Cellular Phone Cell Phone

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Great general phone


I love all the things cell phones are capable of. If all you need is a phone to take calls, messages,and some pictures. This is a great phone good quality pictures nice reasonable size and very capable of taking beating after beating and still being good.


Houston, TX


The Motorola - L7 Cellular Phone Cell Phone is an ok phone.


the Motorola - L7 Cellular Phone Cell Phone is a good phone if you want a phone that works, go on the internet, can play games, can play music, and do most of your for-filling needs as far as a phone is concerned. now of course, the Motorola - L7 Cellular Phone Cell Phone is not a sidekick so of course it cant do everything, and as good as you may want it 2 be done, but it sure can do almost anything. this phone got me through a lot of years, i would say about a good 3 or 4 years, and it held pretty good. the basic reason why i got a new phone (G1) was because its a new time, plus this phone like i said before cant do everything, but yes i would recommend it to people. this phone i would rate it 3 out of 5 stars. its good but not that good.i would say that this phone the Motorola - L7 Cellular Phone Cell Phone can be good for people of all ages, old young whatever, it can do the job but to a limit. this again is the Motorola - L7 Cellular Phone Cell Phone


Springfield Gardens, NY


Take me with a grain of salt, and lemon and telquilla


Upgrade to the Motorola L7 a year ago and hate the phone. Very difficult to navigate, the buttons are difficult to work. Scroll button must be hit exactly on. menus are not arranged in a kind or logical order. Not to mention the back cover easily falls off exposing the battery. Not very durable.


Palm Bay, FL


Popular and Smart


I purchased the Motorola L7.First I was impressed with the size .The screen is large enough for viewing without any problems.The quality is the best.Motorola is a well established name. I enjoy the mp3 player,games and the extra memory slot for expansion. I get compliments on the color,it looks like a Ladies Phone. I highly recommend the L 7 to anyone looking for a Smart,dependable cell phone.


Louisville, KY


Motorola L7 Cell phone--built to last


I have had the Motorola L7 form years now and it has never let me down.  Sleek and compact, this phone is easy to carry around.  This phone performs as well as it did when I got it over 2 years ago.  Battery life is good as I can get about 4 days without a charge with moderate usage and texting.  I do have to say, as with all phones, the bluetooth feature of this phone can use up the battery.  Interestingly enough, I have this linked to the radio in my car through bluetooth, and the bluetooth remains connected up to 1/4 mile away.  A major drawback to this phone is the keypad...if you text alot this probably isn't the phone for you.  The keys are rather small, so unless you have very small fingers you will probably find this phone frustrating to text with.  My fingers are not large by any means, and texting on this phone tends to drive me nuts.  It's not a big issue for me as I hate texting anyway.  If you need a spare or replacement phone that will be dependable and last go for the'll get your money's worth!


Clinton, IL


the motorola l7 is very nice user friendly


The Motorola L7 is a great cell phone with nice sleak futures on the go. Has nice capabilities like camera video and a music player the quality is very durible throw many task on a day to day bases. i love my gadgets on this phone as i use my motorola L7. I take videos of family with else play music on the go and also use my camera on family outings. I love to use my motorola L7 even at night if there is limited lighting my motorola L7 lights up the facing and the key touch on the cell phone so i can see clearly when making a call. I also use my mototorola L7 to check my email ect. . the customize future that i like change time to time to my liking puting my pics to my contacts, the screensaver, putting the ringtones to my contacts and also sending MMS messeges to my contacts. the bluetooth future is great to exchange infomation to my contacts and the hands free future.  The futures are endless. I enjoy my motorola L7 in all aspects of the word very nice Motorola L7 cell phone.


Hanford, CA


cool phone but hard to use


The Motorolla L7 is a pretty cool looking phone, in fact i've received many comments on how "sleek" and "cute" it is, but the reality of the matter is that it's almost too "sleek" and "cute".  If you have large fingers (which is the case with my fiancee) you will NOT be able to dial a phone number correctly the first time, i guarantee it!  The functions/color and batter life are all average and you will get lots of compliments but beware fat fingered cell users!


Sturgeon Lake, MN


by far the best phone i have owned.


This by far was the best phone i have ever owned. i recently was forced to upgrade when my darling little brother split his milk all over my pink sliver! i cant begin to tell you how depressing it was...i seem to always be texting and talking on the phone and the battery was always able to keep up with me. the keys were also easy to use. i especailly loved bluetooth and the itunes capiblity because music is important in my life


Murray, KY


Motorola - Cellular Phone Cell Phone

4.0 8