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Motorola - Cell Phone

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Good sturdy phone


I have really enjoyed this phone.  I have had it for over a year now and I have been pleased with it.   It isn't anything really tch savvy and exciting.   It's just a basic phone that does the job.  I didn't want anything too technical, I just wanted a good solid phone.   It has a camera and video capabilities but I never use it.   The battery seems to last a  long time.  It is textured on the back which I love because my last phone was always slipping out of my fingers.  It has been dropped it a few times and it has gotten wet as well and it has help up just fine.  My main reason for choosing this phone was the high durability rating.  I have young children and I knew I needed a strong phone that would last a long time.   It has large numbers that makes it easy to push, no fancy wheels or touch screens to fowl up.   It also has a nice clear sound that I have been pleased with.  I reccommend this phone to anyone that wants something good and basic, maybe a first phone for a teenager, an older person, or someone like me who doesn't care about all the whistles and bells!


Twin Falls, ID


Don't like this phone, wouldn't recommend it.


Ok, so I'm not very fond of this phone.  Husband wanted Push To Talk capability mostly because he's all for the newest fangled thing on the market!  I don't like it because of the location of the PTT button.  I'm constantly activating it and getting him on the other end even if we're in the same place at the same time!  He's also the only person I know that has a PTT phone so it's only usable with him.  As far as its overall performance I can say that it never fails.  I've dropped it way too many times and it keeps on tickin'.  I also, as a side note, love Verizon.  I almost never drop calls.  I also wish the screen was larger and had the ability to enlarge the print.  Yes, my eyes are getting weak!


Hesperia, CA


Motorola - Cell Phone

3.5 2