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Motorola Cell Phone

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The Motorola i776 Cell Phone leave a lot to be desired.


I purchased this Motorola i776 cell phone for my mother-in-law. She is on my husband's and my plan and she had had the same phone for about 7 years. Her old phone quit talking to towers so I talked her into getting a new phone. We were eligible for a Sprint upgrade so we went with the cheapest one we could get. It is not a great phone. Luckily she doesn't text and really only needs it to call people and to use the direct connect feature. The biggest problem with it is that it just drops calls. My husband and I have Nextel service with different phones and we never have dropped calls so I am sure it is the function of the phone. It is really frustratign for my mother-in-law and of course I feel bad. As soon as we are eligible for another upgrade I will be getting her a new phone that she will be happier with. I have a more substantial phone and her flip phone seems kind of light weight to me but hanging out in her purse hasn't wrecked it at all. I really don't think I would recommend this phone because it does drop calls. I guess we got what we paid for.

Delton, MI


Motorola i776..Worse Phone Ever Made!


In my opinion, the i776 is the worse phone that motorola has ever made. I have had the phone three times (not by choice) on the boost mobile network and the sprint/nextel network  and have been disappointed all three times! The picture quality was so horrible that I stopped taking pictures with the phone. I never understood why it would take at least five minutes just to open a text message! The ringtones weren't that bad but, they could have been a little better. I couldn't download ringtones (myxer,etc.) or make my own for that phone because it was not allowed for that model. The phone reception was terrible too, missed and dropped calls all day! The walkie-talkie worked just fine, although I never used it much. That was the worse phone that I have ever had. I would never recommend to a friend nor stranger to ever purchase that phone. And in my opinion, motorola should never make another i776 again ever!

Arnold, MD


The motorola 1 776 cell phone is durable and dependable


***I have owned a Motorola i 776*** cell phones and this a very good quality and sturdy phone.It's not flemsy like some phones if you look at it it would break.This phone has the features I am looking for and gives great service, it is also stylish, and affordable.This a phone that I would recommend to family , friends or anyone.

Evington, VA




**I don't like this phone because it's made by boost mobile, and it breaks to fast first the screen jumps and then it blinks out.The one thing i did like about it was that i could still get on facebook and the internet. my friends have this phone and everyone had the same problem of the phone blinking out and the earpeice giving out.  I think boost did a crappy job on this product because it is a waste of phone, and the phone cost way to much. I think the company should've made a sturdier more dependable phone. The one thing i did like about the phone was the camera, it took clear pics and sent quite fast for it to be a boost mobile product.The phone also has a slick slim body it's not all big and bulky and it fit well in my pocket and in its case.But, the most important thing was the service, in some areas my service was real limited and my calls would drop instantly,if boost would fix these problems it would be a okay phone.**

Baltimore, MD


Thd Motorola I776 is an average phone.


Personally I have had major issues with this phone since about the second month i had it. Before that it worked great. The fact that you dont have to have a contract is a major plus in my book. But i dont like the quality of the pictures. Most of the time texts dont want to download or send right and my phone calls never show up until the voicemail pops up.I have to constantly do master resets on this phone. Plus am having to constantly reboot it. The battery life on this phone has degraded badly only lasts with a full charge for a couple hours even if you are not texting or talking on the phone. I can fully charge it at night, go to sleep, and when i wake up if i have left the phone on have a couple texts on there and the battery will be almost dead. Dont buy this phone if you want to do anything serious on the web. It is really slow and you cant do too much on it other than check your email and searches.

Blountstown, FL


I love my Motorola i776 cell phone and prefer non other!


The Motorola i776 is by far the coolest phone to have. I use it on the Boost network and it hasn't let me down yet. It comes with Bluetooth, Camera, and 2 way chirp capabilties. Its easy to work and very inexpensive. Its powered by Java software that gives it great clarity and viewing. The Motorola i776 is durable and without doubt the best in its class!

Chicago, IL


hello!! MOTORolaaaahaha


i  haave had this phone for oveer a year. it is the best and easiest phone i have ever had. Boy, am i glad i bought this phone. since i don't  really like cell phones that much. i have been able to use it to text my girls when they are in school. just quick little text to let them know mom is always there. It is small and very convient. the face fitures and numbers are easy for me to deal with. I love my little phone.

Lehigh Acres, FL


Not a great phone.


My husband had a motorola cell phone and we disliked it.  After having this cell phone, we found that this is the cell phone we like the least of all brands.  This cell phone constantly needed a new battery and did not even last a year after we bought it.  Also, it was constantly losing service in places that other cell phones had service.  It was durable and didn't break if dropped but that is the best thing I can say about it.

Lexington, KY


the motorola i776 cell phone is very good and simple cell phone.


the motorola i776 cell phone is very good cell phone. it is cheap and fairly durable. i have gone through 3 of these phones and am working on my fourth one. there are a few reasons for having many but they are my fault. the camera is not the best but it gets the job done. i wish it had different zoom. it would be nice with a video option as well. the battery life is not the best out there. i text alot and it is almost dead about 3/4 of the day through. i dislike that it is hard to find a car charger for the phone. it has a fair amount of accessories. the battery charges fast. the phone is small but not too small and fits in the hand good. smooth buttons for easier texting. the walkie taklie is a good feature. the speaker is nice and loud. the ringtones are expensive and short though. the outer face of the motorola i776 cell phone is weak and cracks easily. once one crack has happened it coninues to crack without hesatation.

Clermont, FL


This is a nice dependable phone


This is a great phone to have it is  lightweight easy to carry and versatile. I like the flip motion and the camera and storage space of this phone. The color is  awesome too either purple or burgundy version. I never had any problems connecting and it didnt drop signals at all. The best part you don't need a contract for it either. It is bluetooth capable too no problems getting online on the internet and accessing all of my mail and other things on line..

Hampton, VA


Motorola Cell Phone

3.1 25