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Motorola - Cell Phone

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Flashy, simple to use, yet comes with all the perks!


I received my Motorola Em326G slider phone from Net10 along with 300 minutes when activated and a free accessory kit. Also included were a memory card and cable to download music to the internal mp3 player. This phone comes with tons of features including a camera, blue tooth connectivity, text messaging, games, phone book, ringtones, and so much more. I wasn't at first thrilled with the tiny size, but it is easy to stuff into a pocket or purse and comes with a case that mounts to your belt or pocket. I don't particularly like how dust and lint get inside the unit from using the slider function. You have to constantly blow out or wipe off the collected lint or dust from the keypad. Other than that, this phone will provide all you need and function favorably with proper care. It is well built and comes across as a high end item, but at a low end cost. You won't be disappointed and sending or receiving text messages is only 5 cents each!  

Alto, MI


Motorola - Cell Phone

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