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Motorola - Cell Phone

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Old Motorola StarTAC still does the job


I inherited an old Motorola StarTAC phone from my boss years ago as the first and so far only cell phone i've ever had.  In an age of disposable electonics it's rare to find a device like this that works so well for SO long.  The original models came out in 1996 although I would guess that the one I have was probably manufactured in 1997 or 1998. It does not have a camera but it works as well as any other phone for voice and text.  It is solid black, has a small LCD display and is simple to use.  The design (although some may think looks outdated) is approximately the same size as the most modern cell phones.  It is the second generation of the Motorola flip phone that came out even earlier but was quite large and heavy.  My phone only weights a little over 3 ounces and has a battery life of 12 hours standby mode and 60 minutes of talk time.  Since I don't use it very often this is plenty for me. The best part of using the phone is the mixed reactions I get from people who see me using it.  Some laugh but almost everyone wants to know how old it is and how long I've had it.  It's almost like driving around in an old antique car.  

Falls Church, VA


Motorolla v3 miami ink phone stylish without the pain


I got the motorolla v3 miami ink phone, a few years ago, but i have held on to it, even after getting newer style of phones. This phone is special. i had heard that they broke easy, with occasional dropping that tends to always happen no matter how careful one is, but i have found that it is actaully quite strong, and has withheld a few clumsy drops. I got the dragon grey design. which i guess if the boys style, over the cherry blossom hot pink phone, which is the girls? but i could not bring myself to buy a hot pink phone, thats just not me, too barbie i guess., i would have gotten the cherry blossomi design if it were in red, which would have been really cool,l but hey im not the designer. This phone is really sleek, it is a flip phone. it has great quality pictures, video and is convenient, had great phone planner. it does not have mp3s as far as i know, it captures alot of pictures, im not sure if it has expandable memory though. I love this phone.

Colton, CA


Honesty is the best policy.


The motorola flip by the new boost is one of the worst phones available. I was told by a friend that everyone she knew that has this phone ended up having to use the speakerphone. I figured that maybe this wasn't 100% true. Well......not even after I had the phone for two months my phone went out on me. My advice to anyone considering buying this phone is to be prepared to purchas another soon after.

Baton Rouge, LA


cell phones


I bought the Motorola-i450 cell phone about three years ago.  For a pre-paid cell phone,I find its in the middle, as far as price, good phone reception and it has basic feature.  The brand name of the cell phone provider is Boost Mobile.  

Brooklyn, NY


Motorola - Cell Phone

3.3 4