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Motorola - Cell Phone

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Cell phone that does it's job.


 The Motorola i576 phone is rugged yet compact, it comes standard with a high capacity battery which makes it easy to go a couple days between charges. The battery life is great, however that's where the party stops. Sound quality, build, etc. just don't make the grade when compared to my 580. The phone can be a bit sluggish at times. This one feels and acts like a childs toy. The resolution is about par with a kids toy as well. It will make and receive calls, text, etc. Quality of those things, not so great. This phone isn't fancy, but it gets the job done. A phone that is a phone first. What a unique concept! I usually don't text or use the internet on my phones anyway. I use the phone purely for the purpose of talking, and I wanted direct conncect so I could reach my husband with ease, as he hates long phone conversations. With the direct-connect, conversations can be simple and sweet.


Covina, CA


poor reception


Although this phone is sturdy with a rubberized exterior.  That is about it.  It is not good for much other than push to talk or a phone call.  That is providing you can get any reception on it.  I can not talk on my phone in my house, in my driveway, in my office or numerous numerous areas around where I live and work.  The calls are constantly dropped.  I will often miss phone calls and it will not alert me to a missed call until a week later when my voice mail suddenly alerts me to a message.  This is a cell phone that was issued by my company to all the employees, because the reception is often so horrible we are unable to communite with each other via cell phone.  Although our maintenance crew has not actually broken one but that could be because they never work and the phones are left in their trucks. The text messaging is nothing short of a nightmare and will often not alert you to a text message days later.  I would not recommend this phone to anyone and as soon as our contract is up we will be getting rid of these!!!


Bartlett, IL


Motorola - Cell Phone

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