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Motorola - Cell Phone

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Decent phone...


I purchased this Tracfone for my daughter as I wasn't ready to purchase a regular cell phone with a contract etc.  I would have to say that this has been a decent phone for its purposes, which is mostly emergency contact, light texting etc.  I believe this is a great phone for anyone who doesn't want a contract and monthly bills.  I have found it very easy to add airtime and usually do so online.  I am usually able to find promotional codes to go along with it for extra minutes.  This phone came with double minutes for life which is a wonderful feature and am glad we went with that.  Definitely makes the minutes last much longer.  Overall we have been pretty happy with this phone as a starter phone and would recommend this phone in particular and also the Tracfone system.  Of course, it doesn't have a slide out keyboard for easy texting which makes it a bit of a nuisance, but you get used to it.

Chandler, IN


I love this phone because it gets great service!


This Motorola BQ50 by Tracfone is the best phone because its very cheap you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy the phone or buy minutes. When i bought this phone it came with double minutes for life and it also came with a charger and a case. It does everything you want in a phone such as great service even with places that i couldn't get service with other providers. The sound is very clear nobody complains to you when you talk on the phone to them. It has texting and you get your text messages very fast. There is a bunch of different games to play on this phone. Are always able to get extra minutes with coupon codes that you get off of the computer. My minutes usually cost about 8 to 10 cents a minute. Text cost about three per minute. It is a very basic phone for young kids that are getting their first phone.  It also comes bluetooth capable and it comes with a car charger, and all of the usual tools. I definitely recommend this phone for someone who just wants the basics.

Lakeville, MA


Motorola - Cell Phone

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