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Motorola - Cell Phone

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The Motorola i265 was the sturdiest cell phone I ever owned.


The Motorola i265 cell phone was one of the sturdiest cell phones I ever owned. I opted not to have Internet and other "bling" (e.g., radio,  e-mail access, camera), but the phone served its purpose. Pretty tough phone, I say! It survived multiple drops down wet metal stairs, a cat playing with the antenna, fast-food grease, light rain, and a host of other "elements" that I can't presently think of. I sure miss that phone (it was stolen from me), and if I could find another Motorola i265 plus a reasonable service provider, I'd definitely consider this phone. (Battery, please stay charged so the GPS works :-). )

Columbus, OH


The i265 is dependable and simple to use


The i265 Motorola cell phone is very dependable and sturdy.  My phone has been dropped from 20 feet numerous times, run over by a car, and used as a teething ring for a baby.  The i265 is very simple to use and has never let me down.  I text quite often and the only time I have had a problem was when the signal was extremely low.  The i265 from Motorola has been one of the best cell phones I have ever had - and I have had quite a few.  I like the fact that it is not a flip phone because the ones I have had tend to break at the hinge of the phone.  This phone has a keypad that is easy to see and the keys are large enought for even my husband's large fingers.  Since this phone is not tiny, it fits better on the side of your face, thus making it easier to hear the person on the other end.  I would recommend the Motorola i265 to anyone who is rough on their phones.  It is like a Timex, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Wilsonville, AL


Motorola - Cell Phone

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