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Motorola - Cell Phone

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durable, user friendly


the Motorola i860 is completely user friendly. The screen is bright and colorful, the buttons aren't too small, and the icons are easy to see. It has a lot of features like web and a lot of storage dor music, pictures and voice recordings. I like the camera and video capabilities, too. Good phone!

Coal Township, PA


i860 only for the flip button


I had this phone for 2 years, about 5 years ago. It was a good phone, but with everything on the market now adays, I would not recommend it to anyone. The only feature even worth mentioning is the automatic open from the side button, and thats really not even that impressive anymore.

Gray, GA


Good phone screen is sometimes hard to see


The i860 is an overall good product. With so many brands available on the market today it is sometimes hard to tell which product to choose. Cell phones are no exception. I manage a medium sized Heating and Air conditioning company and our phones were old and wearing out. We decided that it was time to upgrade. Our local provider recommended this product and I have to say that overall we have been happy with its performance. It has to be durable and long lasting because my employees are service men who crawl around in attics and under houses all day. It has certainly lived up to those requirements. We rarely have a problem and when we do it is easily remedied. The only complaint I have is that the screen is sometimes hard to read. I am in my fifties and my eysesight is not as good as it used to be so sometimes therehas been some difficulty usually in circumstances where the lighting was already poor. Otherwise, we have been very pleased.

Macon, GA


The Motorola "i" no break series!


I've been using the Motorola "i" series for 7 years, and I absolutely love them.  I cannot get used to a tiny little gadget in my hand that is supposed to help me communicate.  I like to hold something that feels solid and capable.  The Motorola i860 is that phone.  It's dependable, not fragile, and it get the job done.  I use it for Nextel and I rarely text, so that's a consideration.  Eventually I'll be looking for a blackberry and it's capabilities, so I'll have to give up the simplicity of the "i" series, but I'll always have a soft place in my heart for these phones!  When you have a toddler that uses your cell phone for a football, you'll know why!  I've also worked in a warehouse and in the city streets where I had to stay in constant communication with my drivers.  This phone got knocked around and beat up, biut never let me down.  If you need a good Nextel phone with durability, I strongly recoomend this one!

Woodbridge, NJ


moterola i860 is an okay phone but doesnt last long


my father bought this phone brand new and was very happy at time of purchase. this was a nice looking phone and did all he ask of it. now keep in mind my my father is not a teenager and does not use texting or internet on the phone. he did not even use voicemail for a very long time. any way he had the phone for about a year and his only complaint was that the battery did not stay charged long enough. he upgraded his phone and i bought this phone which is now his old phone from him. with in a few months of me having this phone the speaker phone stop working properly and the buttons dont always work right. the speakers seem to be blown out and the volume of the phone distorts it very much. the loader you try to make it the harder it is to hear. now my complaints are that when texting with the option of creating words by pushing each key only once (T9 i think its called) they dictionary is like almost empty and even words you use every single text wont show up over all this phone is okay.

Littlestown, PA


Motorola - Cell Phone

3.6 5