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Motorola - Cell Phone

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A high tech savvy phone


I really like this phone. There isnt really anything bad that I can say about it. The only flws that it does have is the fact that it has to download text messages. Which means you are not able to read a text message as soon as it comes through on your phone, it has to downlaod it. Also, if you are talking on the phone, text messages cannot come through. There are a few newer version sof the phone that I saw that downloads there messages manually. This means you can see the messages once it comes through. The phone actually downlaods the message asit is recieving it. But most of the i870's do not do this.

Hampton, VA


The i 870 phone was when boost was adding more features.


This i870 phone was when boost mobile started changing the way that they had made phones.. i remember when this phone came out everyone wanted it... it was famous for its mp3 player.. i think it was the first phone by boost that had an mp3 was full of features that no phone boost made before had thats why it was so popular i remember when i had this phone it had really good reception.. it didnt really matter where you were you got a signal which was very nice.. the only thing i didnt really like is that it had to download text messages and it didnt have enough memory..also for some reason it always had a problem sending picture messages although it would it just took forever to do.. over all this phone was very nice one of the nicest phones that boost has made.. i would suggest this phone to people who love music and their phone because you can have both with this phone...thats my opion

Kalamazoo, MI


my i870 is funky yet functional


this phone is not the most high tech gadget on the market but i like it. its small easy to hold on to and it has a nice screen display. it also gets good reception. it holds lots of numbers and messages. it has a camera and video cam installed. it is an mp3 player and you can make your own music ringtones. i drop my phone alot and this one is very sturdy, ive fully tested it. the buttons are good sized and easy to push. it has the walkie talkie feature that my husband HAD to have for his job and i guess it is kind of cool. it is also easier to chirp him than to call him. ive had this phone for about a year and ive been happy with it so far but i will probably need to upgrade next time just to keep up with technology as it is. i doi have trouble sending picture messages to some people that have oithere carriers but other than that this phone has been fine for what i need it for. my kids think it is "old school".

Riverside, CA


Okay, but not what i expected.


Recieved as a gift from husband. Its an okay phone, but for the price i thought it would do more. I'm finding more & more theres not enough available memory to do anything with this phone. I've been a nextel customer 4 yrs & never had a problem with customer service until Sprint stepped in they are rude & unhelpful! I'm switching to an apple iphone.

Peachland, NC


Motorola - Cell Phone

4.0 4