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Motorola - Cell Phone

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This pre-paid phone really gets you going!


This is a good phone for someone just needing a basic cell. The compact size is great except it makes it very hard to hear and talk at the same time. It's almost too small. As long as you don't need internet access or a camera and don't mind using standard ringtones, then this is the phone for you.

Calhoun, LA


Good Basic Phone


I purchased this phone as a extra phone on hand in case my current phone fails. I can say this phone exceeded my expectations. It is small compared to other candy bar phones but it does have a color screen and the call quality is excellent. The battery life is extremetly lasting, I have talked on the phone for hours and did not even need to look for the charger. The volume is good, I never needed to increase the volume to the maximum level since the amplifier used in the earpiece is quite high. It does not have a camera however but it does allow texting which I do not use as much. For using this phone primarily for talking, this phone will not disappoint you. If you are looking for a phone with features then this phone is definitely not for you. For cost and quality, this phone does the job of being able to use this phone for talking for hours and not have to worry about when the battery will be drained.

San Francisco, CA


Most simple piece of crap motorola c139 is!!


I had this phone for prepaid att service and even though the service was great, the phone was less than I expected. I could NOT download ringtones, games, wallpaper or other premium services. When I tried to return the phone they told me since I bought it at authorized agent that it could not be returned in any way since it was prepaid. You can only imagine how upset I was because of what att told me. So, naturally i was stuck with a phone that only had very limited options and was cheaply made. i do not recommend this phone to anyone, anytime!! this phone is, frankly, a piece of crap! However, if you do end up with this phone, please, be aware that you WILL NOT get much out of it! this phone was (and still may be) sold through tracfone and is no different as it is the same phone, very little features, and NO apps to download!! If you must buy this phone, again, please be aware that you may not be very satisfied or not satisfied at all!

Mountain Home, ID


It's a phone - don't expect much else


I bought this phone about 3 years ago because it was the cheapest for a pre-paid plan at the time (mine is the Net10 version).  Reception is clear, coverage is good.  As a phone, it works just as expected.  The phone book is easy to navigate.  If you want anything more than a phone though, spend the money for a model with more perks.  I find it very difficult to type out text messages on this phone; it takes forever and the message menu takes you through too many steps to just send a message.  I also have yet to figure out if there's an alarm clock on the menu.  I've given it to friends who are good with this kind of thing, and they can't find it either.  My little crappy used cell phone I bought while living in Nepal 3 years ago had an easily located alarm clock.  One good thing about it is its durability.  It can tolerate some rough handling, like dropping it, and still work fine.  Definately not a fragile phone - but it is just that - a phone.  Nothing more.  Works great for my needs - and any one else who just wants a phone on the go.

Bellefonte, PA


The Motorola C139 is a great starter cell.


This is a great starter cell for any technically challenged or a young student.  I found the keyboard inconvenient for texting--took too long; but possible. Have since upgraded to newer model and given this one to my youngest grandson--age 8--so he is always able to communicate with one of us when in need.

Miami, FL


Motorola C-139 a sturdy phone and simple phone for a great price


The Motorola C-139 is a great phone with simple features if you only want a phone just for talking sans all the tech features like most phones out there. Phone has text capabilities which require some getting used to, but very doable. Phone is also very sturdy as it has gone through all sorts of abuseand still functioned as to where a more expensive phone would simply cease to function. I've had mine for more than 5 years and I am still using the original battery.This phone is also reasonably compact enough so it is not overtly bulky like most older models. For the price I think this phone is an excellent value.

Pico Rivera, CA


Crappy phone


The Motorola C139 is the cell phone equivalent of two cans connection with string.  I aquired this pohne back in the day when Cingular first came up with their "GoPhone" idea.  Before this phone I had a nice prepaid flip phone.  Then they changed plans and made me get a new "free" phone.  No wonder they were giving this hunk of garbage away free.  It is horrible.  I lose signal on it all the time and the battery doesn't stay charged alot.  It is small and very uncomfortable to use.  the ringer selection is a joke and the features are truly lacking. No speakerphone, no button to push to light up the screen, no camera, no video text messaging. Completely analog and boring. Just a horrible little phone.  What does it have going for it? is kinda bulky so it might withstand a drop or two.  The buttons are easily pushable so whenever I stick in in my purse, even in a holder, the buttons get pushed and mess everything up.  I hate this phone and would not recommend it to anyone.

Potts Camp, MS


It's a TERRIFIC PHONE just what a PHONE should be,NOT an enterta


The Motorola C-139 is exactly what it is designed to be: a TERRIFIC C-PHONE! Those who want an entertainment center should experience those things AT HOME. Cell phones weredesigned as a means of emergency communication or for getting needed information;and forcalling the office or family/friends. Although I have a slight hearing deficit,the C-139 has beenmore than adequate for my hearing everything. "Hearing and talking at the SAME time" makes hearing a difficult task for anyone;PLUS it is a rude habit.

Meridian, MS


This is a good phone for the price


The motorola c139 is an okay phone. I use it mainly for texting. It doesnt really have a lot of fun features except for a few games. There is not a camera. Also, there are not a lot of pretty wallpapers and screensavers to choose from. It is pretty bulky and heavy. It does not fit in all lot of pockets which is annoying. The plus side is that its cheap and good quality for the price. Overall this is just an average phone.

Elkins Park, PA


Motorola - Cell Phone

3.2 9