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Motorola - Cell Phone

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Think Twice


A great little phone for someone who does NOT rely on their phone. Battery doe NOT hold a good charge, limited service during storms, just not the most reliable cell phone from Nextel/Sprint. I personally would now spend the extra money and go to the next higher rated phone as this one is worth the 49 you pay for it. I guess it really is true that you get what you pay for.

Wartburg, TN


The Nextel i670 is a very basic phone but gets the job done


I have had the Nextel i670 phone for about two months. I switched services and my previous phone had all the bells and whistles that I could want. I am pretty disappointed that the i670 is not bluetooth capable (without an adapter), no alarm clock, no calculator, no outside display, and no option for "No Ring" for annoying numbers. However, if you are looking for a reasonably priced phone to "get the job done" than this phone works great. I have dropped it twice and it keeps on running, so thats a plus!

South Beloit, IL


Motorola - i670 Cell Phone review


Hi, this is the review for the motorala cellhpone. This cellphone is a great phone. It is easy to use. Its a flip phone so it has a great qulity bulilt to it. The phone looks cool. Also, it has good singal. It has great battery life. The phone is pretty durble. Also, it has push to talk which makes talking o nthe phone easy to use. These are some good reaons why you should buy this phone. Thanks lemmiwinks123

Ellicott City, MD


Motorola - Cell Phone

3.7 3