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Motorola CLIQ Smartphone

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Loved this phone


I loved this phone when I got it, it was easy to setup and i loved the interface, and the fact that i could slide it open and use the keyboard to type was a plus for me. It was fast and the size is convenient if you need something that's not to small but not to big. It came with BOB which is a game and i loved it.




Motorola fails again!


The Motorola Cliq is hands down the worst phone I have ever owned. I don't even know where to begin. I suppose I'll just make a list of everything I disliked. - Dropped my calls constantly - Didn't receive several texts or voicemails - Didn't send several text messages - Rebooted itself at random times throughout the day - Force closed on almost any program I used - Froze when I would be doing something important online - Slow network - Low memory - Small Screen - The battery cover always popped off - Touch screen never wanted to work unless tapped repeatedly - Low battery life It was an alright phone when it wanted to work, but for the most part it was just another failure by Motorola. The ONLY thing I liked about this phone was that it had the Android network. Other than that, I absolutely hated it. I would take my old dinosaur cell phone over that thing any day. At least that phone worked whenever I needed it to. I would also just like to add that my mom has the Motorola Cliq. She has all the same problems I did, so I know it wasn't just MY phone.


Phoenix, AZ


Motorola Cliq Cell Phone


I have owned this phone for over a year, and it is my first 'smart' phone with all the bells and whistles, and I really love it. It has held up quite nicely, I love being able to acess the web with my phone, the touch scan or keypad option is great for texting and web browsing. The phone is also very durable, as i have dropped it several times and it has never gotten more than a couple scrap marks on the outside, the screen is still is great shape. We are not a family that upgrades when new gadets comes out, but so far I find that motorola products are really the best phones and will definitely last 2 years without need of replacement of the phone or the battery. We usually upgrade every 2 years, so I plan to have this phone for at least a few more months and don't forsee a problem with that as the service has been great, I don't get dropped calls or have any problems with reception either. This is by far best phone I have ever owned in the past 10 years.


Olathe, KS


It could be better


I had this phone since it first came out. I preordered it. I loved it at first but now it's a pain. It freezes alot(sometimes I can't answer calls on the touch screen because the buttons don't come up) and I have to turn off the power frequently to get it to work I again.Other than that the phone works just fine.the sound is great and are the widgets. The camera takes great pictures however there isn't any flash. The battery doesnn't really last that long if you are using applications or the web. I keep a a charger handy for long trips.


Queens Village, NY


Not worth the money


This phone is very poorly made.  I bought this phone at full price for my daughter, who's in college. She has had to replace the phone three times due to technical issues with the phone.  The screen is forever messing up and once the screen is gone, the phone is basically useless. We have called the cell phone company each time it happens and they **always** cannot fix the problem, but have to send out a new phone.  Very frustrating. Do not recommend to anyone.


Alexandria, VA


The motorola cliq is. . . so so. . .


I've had the motorola cliq for about a year and a half now. I enjoyed a lot of things about it at first, but began to get frustrated with some things after a while. I love the full keyboard, first of all. All phones I get from now on will always have a full keyboard. It's easier for me to text with. The battery only lasts around 12 hours or so, so I have to remember to turn it off when I can't use it in order to make sure it lasts on my way home for work, which is unfortunate because I can't know if there is a family emergency or if someone needs to contact me. Also, the touch screen isn't that smooth. Anyone who has used am ipod touch or any apple touch screen, knows just how smoothly they work. They are VERY smooth and the motorola cliq touch screen isn't nearly as smooth. I enjoy the android market as well, but I don't have wifi or 3g hardly any of the time, no matter what my cell phone service is. I only get access to youtube and other internet sites when I'm in a big city.


Meridian, ID


At 1st it was ok, didn't stand the test of time...


At the time I got this phone, it was a great upgrade as compared to a G1 in many ways and it was the only other option.  The MotoBlur functionality was fantastic, at first, since there weren't built in Android options or programs available to do some of what MotoBlur could do.  Since that time in the last year and a half...this has been a crippling factor.  Motorola clearly has played favorites with the Droid (and why wouldn't they...there were a lot more of them sold) but for Cliq users, it's been pretty bad.  It took well over a year to finally get a real OS upgrade to bring it to 2.1.  They only realeased some patches/hotfixes over the entire year.  Now that it's at 2.1, I'm reasonably satiated for the time being, but am only doing so until a better phone comes along.  At this point even at a free with contract, I wouldn't recommend buying this phone.  It's way too outdated to do so. If you're looking at picking it up on Ebay to tide you over until you're eligible for a discounted contract phone, then I say go for it but only at a cheap price.


Grand Rapids, MI


super cliq


This was me second moto the razr was my first.The motorola cliq xt was not my type of phone at first but once i started getting use to it i started to really enjoy it.  Im not a big fan of touch screen but overall im loving the phone.  It has so many apps to download and so many useful items available.  I was able to link up all my networking with my contacts and didnt even have to get pics of people it automatically linked it up for me.  My email goes straight to my phone and im able to use IM so easily and be coneected to more than one.  My kids even love the phone and there are lots of programs to keep them busy while waiting in line or at the dr offices.  I even have access to google maps and gps which i absolutely love since i have wanted gps for awhile now just never had the money to do so but now i have it included in my phone.  Overall this phone is great for me and my busy life and helps for when it slows down and i just want to connect with friends or play some game.


Hollywood, FL


Good entry level Andoid.


This was my first Android phone.  It started on the v1.5 and just recently got an over-the-air upgrade to v2.1.  That's nice, but the upgrade to 2.1 came AFTER the 2.2 had already come out.  Not much has changed except the look of the touch buttons, and the availability of certain apps in the Android market.  For example, I can download Angry Birds now, but it doesn't work on the phone... This phone is not for the tech-savvy.  I will be upgrading and ditching Motorola ASAP.


Virginia Beach, VA


Save Your Money!


I would recommend not buying this phone. It was my first smart phone, so obviously I was very happy with it when I first got it. I had never had so much information at my fingertips! Then after a few months, everything started slowing waaaay down. It takes forever for an application to open or for the browser to load. There are also alot of bugs with the touch screen, it doesn't always recognize when I 'tap' an option. The biggest downside to this phone is the fact that T-Mobile won't put out an update for the operating system! This prevents SOOOO many useful and popular apps from being used for this phone. I've called their customer service about the issue many times, and they have no future release date for the software in mind. If you're an android fan, I suggest saving yourself a huge headache and buying a different brand/model! Or, if you're like me, you can switch to Verizon and get the new iPhone from them! :D


Jacksonville Beach, FL


Motorola CLIQ Smartphone

3.9 63