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Motorola - C261 Prepaid Cell Phone

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Best phone I have ever had!!


This is by far the best phone I have had. I rarely, almost never, get a dropped call. The reception on this phone is phenomonal. I have always wanted to eventually go to a flip, but I never have any luck with flips as far as phone quality and signal strength. This phone doesn't have alot of bells and whistles, it's very pratical.

Milwaukee, WI


Good phone!


    This is my first phone ever and I really enjoy using it. Being a Tracfone user, I bought this phone. I don't do any texting since I find it hard to text using a cell phone and additionally I also have vision problems, I don't want to ruin my eyes any further. Anyway, this phone is quite small and is used by me mainly to call my family since I am cheapskate and don't want to spen my units talking to friends (hey, what are landlines for?) I also play the limited amounts of games I got through Tracfone when I am bored, it is a bit to play on such a small phone but still I enjoy it. I just wish my fingers were a little smaller. But I am a loyal person and will not switch my phone with another company even if their phones have more features like cameras and such. I would have appreciated this phone more if there was a camera built it but then it would become a expensive phone. Anyway, for the price I paid for this phone, I am a happy camper!

Folsom, CA


The Motorola C-261 is easy to use.


This Motorola Cell Phone is so easy to use. I am not real technology literate but I have no trouble using this phone.  I do not like to text of use a lot of extra technology.  I just want a basic phone and this one fulfills that need. For a simple phone with simple features such as receiving messages and making calls I love my Motorola Cell Phone. I get really confused when a cell phone has so many features and I do not know how to use them. The Motorola Cell phone is different and easy to use. I am looking forward to using it for a long time. The price is great. too. You pay a flat fee for the minutes that you use and do not have to pay a monthly fee or any other fees. I do not use a cell phone often, only when I am on the road so this one is very economical and serves my purpose. I would recommend this cell phone to anyone whoo needs a phone for emergencies or for travel.  It is great and inexpensive for those purposes.

Mount Wolf, PA


Works well in a pinch!


I bought this phone in a pinch and it saved me. I had to get a phone with a certain area and city code and took a chance with this phone and it worked! Though I no longer use this phone, it was still an excellent product!

Chardon, OH


I'm not impressed with the quality.


The C261 is the phone I purchased in order to upgrade my tracfone. I had constant issues with this phone. It scratches easilly, both the screen and keys. I also had problems getting it established as a tracfone (which is who I got it from in the first place). As far as photos, they actually turned out nice. It's very easy to navigate. I give it two stars because I really dislike how easy it scratches. Appearance is extremely important. I do not want my phone looking trashy.

Effie, MN


Motorola - C261 Prepaid Cell Phone

3.8 5