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Motorola - Boost Cell Phone

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mostly good


I like the fact that boost mobile provides unlimited service for a low price however boost service sometimes has a delay in reciving text messages and phone calls. The coverage is some areas are really bad and sometimes even if a message comes through you have a delay in being able to view it.

Dalzell, SC


never again with boostmobile cell phones


i have had boostmobile for years and now its not even good for a back-up cell phone. The phone cuts in and out when trying to use it. I can not even hold a conversation with anyone with this phone, as they speak words get chopped out and i really have not idea what they are saying. I have tried to solve the problem with a call to the boostmobile reps. but that didnt work. I have learned i am not he only one with the problem, other users of the same phone are getting the same results. After several calls to the boost company, they say it is the phone itself and i have to repair or replace it. I feel with all the other cell phone providers, and their prices going lower than boostmobile. Boostmobile is getting really bad with their phone service and their customer support service. Also these phone are NOT compatable with hearing aids as it says it is. I have two hearing aids and not until  recently have i given up on trying to make them work with the phone. i will never again use Boostmobile.

Fuquay Varina, NC


Motorola - Boost Cell Phone

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