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MotorFiend.com (formerly Electronic Fiend)

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Awesome People Awesome Products


I ordered a Double Din DVD Player from these guys about 2 months ago. I got my purchase a lot faster then I thought I would have (I was a new customer to the site and am always skeptical on new sites). Installed my unit and I fell in love with it. Later I had some questions on how to update some of their features on the unit and the replied to me right away helping me to get the updates. Overall a great site, love the customer service and wil be coming back for more!

Alden, IL


FAST Shipping and great service.


I ordered a double din a week ago and got tracking the same night. the item arrived in just 3 days after that which made it even sweeter. The rep that was helping me was great also, she helped me understand everything before I ordered and she gave me a coupon on top of the purchase. I think her name was Jasmin but either way she was great!

Silver Spring, MD


Do not buy from this site it is a scam


I ordered some hids and never recieved them ,tried to contact the company thru email and phone and they just send me a email thanking me for a inquiry and a coupon, so if you want to pay for something you will never get ,buy something off there site and lose your money 

Pinson, TN




What really turned me onto this site was their beatuful layout. A lot of other electronic sites I had visited looked cheap as if they where made for 1$ and looked very untrustworthy. When I stumbled apon electronicfiend.com it immediatly brought a releif too see such a well laid out website. I immediatly noticed that they had free shipping as well as live help and really cheap prices. Of course I had to test out their customer service so I gave the live help a ring and in a matter of seconds somone helped me out. Any question I asked they answered truthfully and quickly. Sooo after examining the site a bit I decided to order an MP3 Player and it came so fast in the mail especially for free shipping that I completely fell in love with the site. I will be doing my shopping there from now on and if they every happen to read this THANKS ELECTRONIC FIEND!!!!!!

Los Angeles, CA


Makes you "Fiend" over there service!


Ever since the high gas prices, I have deicded that I would do my online shopping online. When I frist started looking for products online, all the sites charged 20-40 bucks for SHIPPING! Honestly, whats the point of that? But a few weeks ago i ran into ElectronicFiend.com. They offered free shipping to low shipping cost. I wasnt scammed into paying any hidden cost so I was glad with that.The customer service was amazing! they told me step by step where my item was, making me feel like I was in the store. (also 100% safe) Got the item in about a week, so everything is good. in conclusion, its a great new site to shop on and to check out.

Rockville, MD


MotorFiend.com (formerly Electronic Fiend)

4.2 5