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Brake Bleeders
Motive Power Bleeder

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This is a very helpfull tool when working on your car.


I do alot of my own repairs on my cars.Most of the time I don't have anyone close at hand to help. That is why this power bleeder comes in handy when you are by yourself.It is not very expensive and is easy to use.It might need an adapter to use on some cars and trucks as they might be different. I did not need an adapter. My cars and trucks are all american made older models.

Ferndale, WA


looks like a good product


looks like a great tool to have i would recommend this to any handy man or mechanic looks like a good price for such a tool looks like it would be easy to use and also save time it beaas the old method which was messy and dangerous keeps things cleaner and safer

Westfield, NC


Motive Power Bleeder

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