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Motions Nourish Leave-In Conditioner

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Defiantly a must have.


Overall I love motions leave in conditioner. At first I was a little hesitant about trying it out because I had used a similar leave in conditioner and it left my hair dry and brittle feeling. However what made me buy it was when I was in the hair store the clerk recommended it. When I used it the following night I was really surprised at how fast it worked. The moment you put it in you could see results. Effectiveness Effectiveness wise it really works. It left my hair feeling soft and manageable. I mean it really got all the tangles out without me having to constantly pull at my hair. Even with a small toothed comb it went in easily and flowed on through. Another thing I like about it is that even if you use a lot if soaks in pretty quick to you don't have to sit under the dryer all day and night. Scent The scent is really nice. It's not that strong but strong enough that you can tell it's in there.



It's great


Without using this product, my hair would have been a dry greasy mess. When I first put motions perm on my hair, my hair felt really great and amasin. But then, after the second time I used motions my hair was so blah. I didn't have that same amazing feeling I had when I first put on the perm. Even after I shamnpooed my hair with some of my best shaMPOOES and conditioner. My hair still felt extreemly dry. So I searcherd the internet and then I saw that some people had the same problem with me after using motions. So I saw some poeple recoommend motions and I jumped at it, anything to make my hair fell great and stuff. So I brought it at a beauty salon in new jersey and put it on the same day. My hair felt as good as it did when I first put on the motions relaxer. I reconzied that I had to keep on using motions products so my hair can feeel amazing. I would recommend this product to people but I think this is the last time I would use motions.

Glen Lyon, PA


Just love this Motion Leave In Conditioner


 Just amaze of  the way it make your hair feel so soft. I just love the way it make my hair feel. The extra volume  to my hair is a great feeling. My hair has i a lot of body. I can style my hair in any style. I can use hot irons, sponge roller or straightner to blow it out. I just love this product i will be adding this product to my collection. I just love motion hair product. i am value customer of motion product. i have a host friends and family that enjoy motion products. I will be shareing this product with my firne ds and sisster co-workers and the ladies the ladies at the hair salon. I just love love love motion conditioners just loving this product of motion. ladies you can not go wrong with is product. it give your hair the body you are looking for and the shine that we as ladies like. I enjoy washing my hair and using this new product leave in conditioner. i will be alway using thsi product for the near future to come. i am just loving it a whole lot . Thanks. motion products

Atlanta, GA


I love it!


I am an African-American female, and I have used many MOTIONS products throughout my life, so I can surely say that this product lives up to its brand. The directions are simple, the product smells wonderfully, and it worked FABULOUSLY, but most of all, there were no weird side-effects, like hairloss, or anything of that sort. I highly recommend it.

Mableton, GA


Motions Nourish Leave-In Conditioner

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