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Motions Deep Penetrating Treatment

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What do you do with dry frizzy hair that has been color treated? There are days when it is so frustrating that you just want to shave it off and forget you have hair! That is the situation that my husband finds himself in quite regularly. If moisturized well, his hair is curly and falls into ringlets and waves sometimes. If it is not moisturized well, then his hair looks scary bad. **Product Details** I had the opportunity to use Motions Deep Penetrating Treatment on my husband's hair not too long ago. It is designed especially for coarse brittle frizzy hair and seems to get rave reviews quite often. This conditioner comes in a flat jar with screw on cap. The conditioner is pretty runny despite the jar container. The conditioner is not heavy per se, but it does not take a ton to cover all of the hair well. The directions say to wash hair, apply liberally saturating all of the hair. You can wait up to 15 minutes or for the best results sit under a dryer with a plastic cap on. **Product Performance** I have to say that I was excited to see how this marvelous sounding product performed on his hair. I was surprised to see that it only served to make his hair somewhat softer, but it still felt a bit coarse and scratchy, something I didn't expect. He has tried this a few times even doing the dryer cap thing, and although that did help a bit more, I still was not totally impressed by this deep conditioner. He has gotten better results from standard conditioners such as Loreal Everpure Moisturizing Conditioner than he did from this. **Final Comments** I am not sure why this stuff did not penetrate the hair like it should have, but besides not being quite as nice on the hair as we would have hoped, my husband hated the way that the product performed. The conditioner in the jar was sloppy and thin which made it easy to spill on the way from the jar to the hair. Try balancing all of THAT in the shower! It just was not what we expected, but it was not horrible either. Effectiveness This did do some conditioning, but not to the level that we expected from a DEEP Penetrating Conditioner. It still left the hair a bit rough- something that other conditioners don't tend to do. Scent I absolutely love the scent of this stuff. It is a very invigorating fruity citrus floral scent that everyone seems to love. I would not mind wearing a perfume or lotion with this scent in it!

Podunk, NY




I think that Motions hav the best products available for a great price. They smell really great and work well on my hair. I use alot of there products such as their lavishing conditioning shampoo, moisture enhancing hairdresser, foaming wrap lotion and the deep penetrating conditioner. These products work very well. DPC leaves my hair shining and full of body. It stops breakage and split ends. It smells great. All there products smell great. I would recommend there products to everyone who wants healthy managable hair. They did a great job coming up with durable ingredients for their products. I use these products everytime I wash my hair which is usally once a week. I've seen tremendeous results over the last several months. My hair breakage has slowed down alot and my hair is healthly and vibrant. Full of body. I'm glad i started using these products. If it wasn't for motion I would be hating my hair. It does such a great job and is so easy to manage that I am able to do my hair myself without going to the hair dresser. Try for yourself and see if you like.

Bladensburg, MD


Motions Deep Penetrating Treatment

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