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Motherhood Maternity
Motherhood Maternity Breast Pump

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The manual Medela Breast pump is great if you don't pump often.


I purchased the Medela Breast pump when I was nursing my first child.  I didn't need to use it often and for pumping once in a great while this is okay.  It lost the little suction cover on it once and definately didn't work, but once I put on a replacement it worked okay.  Whith my third child I needed to pump at least two times a week and the pump didn't meet those standards.  It takes a long time to pump just a few ounces and I got frustrated with it.  I purchased a different one and was much more pleased with it.  If you are looking for an occasional use pump, a medela manual might be okay, but if you need  to pump often I would definately not recomment this one!  I purchased a medel electric pump and was much more pleased with it.  It was much quicker and it didn't take so long to fill up a bottle.  Like I said, if you just need to pump every once in a while the manual is okay, but for anything else, I would get something better.

Lund, NV


Motherhood Maternity Breast Pump

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