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Moshi iVisor XT Clear Screen Protector for iPad

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There's no better screen protector!


Screen protectors are honestly the bane of my existence, they are a necessary evil though in my opinion. They are the hardest things to apply and you will never be able to get it on without bubbles. I am very particular about things so those little bubbles drive me absolutely insane. That is no longer an issue if you purchase this screen protector! It will go on bubble free every single time and it is so easy to put on. You literally peel it from its protective backing and plop it on, it honestly doesn't get any easier than that. I will never purchase another screen protector ever again after using the Moshi iVisor. The only small complaint that I have about this particular style (the xt clear version) is that the screen protector will have a rainbow hue in the middle of the screen after being applied. Moshi states that it's a normal occurrence and you can barely see it when the screen is on, but it is just a minor annoyance. It's a tiny price to pay for no more bubbles ever again, I can't sing its praises high enough!



Love of My Life


I have just applied my new i-visor, and have a new love in my life!! I have purchased numerous "bubble free" & "easy to apply" screen protectors, and have yet to apply one in under 10 minutes with no bubbles ( or ever at all bubble-free.) The higher price of this product made me hesitant, but I had a bunch of amazon credit so I decided to give it a try. I received the product in the same general packaging as the other screen protectors, but this was a bit different. The outer border is blacked out, which is just fine, because I have the black iPadII anyway, and the screen is just slightly matte-like. I followed the simple, almost identical instructions (minus the bubble-smearing step with the crappy little piece of cardboard!) and in under 10 seconds I had a perfectly aligned bubble-free screen with much reduced glare! My three year old didn't understand what her mommy was freaking out about! I absolutely love this, as I type this review on my tab, I also notice that the touch recognition is much better, smoother, and glitch-free. I have yet to wash and reapply this screen, but for my current experience with this product, I am pleasantly and utterly impressed. Please, if you read this, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on those other screen protectors, this is the real deal, make the investment!

Gardner, MA


Moshi iVisor XT Clear Screen Protector for iPad

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