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Moser-Roth Fine European Chocolate

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Chocolate to die for...


As a little girl I lived over a bakery and confectionery store in Southern Germany. Everyday my family would wake up to the smell of fresh baked bread- and then, as if by magic, a bag of fresh brochen appeared at our door.  Heaven! The bakery was always busy as housefraus stopped by to purchase bread for the day. Baskets of braided bread, rolls, loaves of rye and pumpernickel decorated the glass shelves under and behind the counter.  During the holidays breads were pushed together to make room for the array of scrumptious chocolate creations.  Easter bunnies in the spring and St. Nicolas and Christmas Trees during December's chilly days.  These chocolates were not hollow nor were they made of the waxy chocolate like those in the States.  These chocolates were solid and made of the most delicious chocolate in the world. It was creamy, smooth and melted in my mouth for a childhood memory that would last a lifetime. Recently, I have discovered **Moser-Roth privat chocolatiers**.  Moser-Roth is made in Germany and has the same texture and taste of my childhood chocolate memories. Each 4.4 oz. package of Moser-Roth chocolate has five small bars of candy in it.  Each bar is the perfect size for the most discriminating chocolate lover.  I have tried the bars in milk chocolate, milk chocolate and almonds, dark chocolate, dark chocolate orange and almonds and the newest flavor- CHOCEUR TOFFEE CRUNCH. Moser-Roth is available online or at Aldi's Grocers.

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Moser-Roth Fine European Chocolate

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