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Mop & Glo
Mop & Glo Multi-surface Floor Cleaner

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Nightmare Product!


After several years of occasional use, our ceramic tile kitchen floor was looking a bit yellow, so we hired a tile installer to come in and spruce it up. After two failed attempts with various industrial cleaning products, we are still trying to remove the Mop & Glo for our floors. Yes, the product appears quite nice and shinny upon application, but we will NEVER, EVER, EVER let this product in our house again. We are contemplating removing the existing tile and replacing with new tile. All in, the use of Mop & Glo could cost us $3,000 to $4,000 in costs just to correct this problem Still want to use Mop & Glo? I wouldn't advise it.

Boston Area


Good For Vinyl and Hardwood Floors


Cleaning house isn't one of my favorite jobs, and keeping my floors looking clean and shiny is one of my least favorite of all the household chores. I used to use Mr. Clean, but one day I had a coupon for a product that was on sale, so I decided to give it a try. The product I fell in love with is Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. Where To Use It Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner can be used on tile, wood and vinyl. Basically all of the surfaces in my home. I am glad the cleaner is so versatile so I don't have to have so many different floor cleaners around the home. Product Claims Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner claims to have a "Shine Lock Formula" that gives you a long lasting shine. It also claims to help protect against everyday scratches. My Viewpoint The scratch protection is a nice feature when cleaning hardwood floors. Especially if you have a dog that scratches the floors! The cleaner is easy to use, you simply pull up on the cap and squirt. The four small holes in the cap help distribute the cleaner evenly on the floor. I like the fact that I don't have to rinse my floors. I damp mop the cleaner onto the floor and move on to the next area. My floors are generally clean in about 15 minutes, and my tile and wood shine beautifully. I haven't had good results using this on my tile, which naturally does not have any shine to it. I find it builds up and makes my tile look odd, so I only use it on wood and vinyl. Overall, I find this a very effective tile and wood floor cleaner and have been purchasing it regularly since I first tried it. Performance Makes wood and vinyl floors shine and look new again. I have not had great results using this to clean my tile floors, however. Scent Clean and soapy scent, but I can't say I am crazy about it.

Eagle River, AK


Mop & Glo Floor Cleaner leaves the floor looking nice


After spending over 6 hours on my hands and knees scrubbing a vinyl kitchen floor that hadn't been seriously cleaned(quick mop in bucket of sudsy water) in over 10 years, I was tired as all get out and didn't know if I wanted to finish the project of the day, but knew it would look done if I applied a coat of Mop & Glo Multi-Surfact Floor Cleaner. Grabbed a bottle from the local supermarket and chose this one because it stated it offered a "long lasting shine" and had a "shine lock formula". Also chose it as it advertised on the front lable it had a "fresh citrus scent". Read the instructions (after I found a magnifying glass - the type on the bottle is too small!) and went to work. Squeezed the product out on the floor, mopped it in, moved to the next section. It went fairly quickly - floor is 20' x 24' - really large area, thus the 6+ hours to scrub, and it looked ok. Product is white, as is the primary floor color in the kitchen so it was hard to see where product was to mop or even if I got every spot. It was night time when I finally got to applying the Mop & Glo and the lighting in the room was not good. Mop & Glo says it should take 10-20 minutes for it to dry, but I gave it 30 for good measure. When I looked over my work (back on my hands and knees) I found several gaps in my application so I did a second coat and went the opposite way for good measure. Happy to say the floor looks terrific now that it's all said and done. My biggest issue was the scent - while it was citrusy, it was almost too sweet. I would also suggest it be used when you have optimal light in the room and can easily see where you have mopped.

Madison, SD


Mop & Glo cleans most floors fairly well, says Fardreamer


I am, like lots of people who may be reading this, not fond of doing housekeeping chores. I'm not by nature lazy or a slob, but I'm one of those persons who would rather be doing something creative and intellectually challenging instead of having to do laundry, wash the pots and pans and handle meal preparation. Be that as it may, I do realize that doing housekeeping chores is an essential part of a responsible and healthy adult lifestyle.  Yes, it's hard work and even boring compared to, say, writing, but it has to be done or else the house (or apartment, or efficiency) will look messy and be unhealthy to live in. As boring, repetitive and tiring as it sometimes is, one of the most important chores that *must be done regularly *is the mopping of the kitchen floor.  I don't care if the floor is linoleum or tile or granite, but if the floor gets too grimy or has a plethora of "spill marks" on it, I get an incredile urge to mop the kitchen - even though that is one of my least fave chores to do. Fortunately, L&F Products of Montvale, New Jersey manufactures **Mop & Glo Floor Cleaner**, a concentrated liquid solution that, when mixed with water, can be used to clean no-wax and ceramic tile floors. *From the Mop & Glo Floor Cleaner product label:* *** Cleans dirt, grease, and scuff marks from no-wax and ceramic tile floors * No rinsing required * Leaves a fresh clean scent * Leaves no dull, sticky residue * Will not build up * Safe for ceramic tile grout** *How to use **Mop & Glo Floor Cleaner**:* Using **Mop & Glo Floor Cleaner** is relatively easy, even for those of us who don't really like mopping floors. For normal floor cleaning jobs, you simply dilute about two ounces (1/4 cup) of **Mop & Glo Floor Cleaner** to one gallon of warm water (about half a bucket) and mop away. For tougher cleaning jobs, all you have to do is double the amount of cleaner into that one gallon of warm water. If there is a *really* stubborn trouble spot that looks as though only a nuclear weapon will eradicate it, apply some **Mop & Glo** on a sponge or onto the floor and wipe with a clean, damp cloth. **My Viewpoint: **Though I'll never, ever be fond of mopping floors, I will gladly give **Mop & Glo **a hearty thumbs up.  It's fairly easy to use and works on most floors, though I must stess that not everyone will have the same results for any of several variables.

Miami, FL


Mop & Glo is not for white floors.


Mop & Glo is a good product overall but it will build up on white or very light colored flooring. It will take awhile to do so but when it does the only way to remove it is to strip it. So I do not recommend it for those types of floors. On the flip side it is really good to use on wooden floors that need to be varnished. If you do not have the money to refinish your wood flooring and it is medium to dark this is a very good product to use. It will make your floor shine with the first use. It also has a pleasent clean smell. I have used it for vinyl flooring that was meduim colored and it worked very well. I cannot coment on tile flooring for I don't have any to use it on. Overall it is a good product with the right flooring. I have used it now for over two years and will continue to use it. I would recommened it to my friends who have similar flooring. The shine really lasts all week .

Maben, MS


Mop & Glo Multi-surface Floor Cleaner

3.4 5