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Moose Mountain Toymakers
Moose Mountain Toymakers Kawasaki KFX 700 Ride-On Toy - Green


Foot-to-floor ride ons that feature lights and sounds at the touch of a button, under seat storage and push bar handles

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Fun toy for toddlers


I have twins and around the time they turned two, they were already looking at toys when we went shopping. Everytime we went, it seemed like they were always dragging me to where the electronic cars were. I had to keep telling them they were too little to be able to use an electric car and they had to wait a couple of years. Well that didn't work out too well. The asking turned into begging, crying, and I genuinely felt bad because I knew they wanted something they can have fun with but something that wouldn't hurt them. I actually seen this in the same toy store and was like wow I can't believe I never thought of something like this or noticed it in here. The age requirements and weight requirements were perfect for both of them and my daughter didn't mind getting a green ride on even though I'm sure she wanted pink. They were very reasonably priced and I was very satisfied that I did not have to put any pieces together. They are pretty light which can be a good and bad thing. When riding on them, make sure your kids aren't on the sidewalk because I found when I had it outside, I did have a few instances where they almost tipped forward because they were going too fast and they leaned forward with it and almost fell. However I let them use it in the house which is okay because it's easier on a smoothie surface. When they got to use them they were so happy. It's really adorable because it has buttons they can push that makes it honk and plays cute little music. They used them for a long time before I eventually passed them down to their cousin who still uses it and it still works great. It's the perfect in between ride on before they start asking for the electronic expensive cars which my kids now have. This is a great product, great quality, and I am very happy with the purchase. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a toddler to try.



Small and slow


My son received this Kawasaki ride on toy for his second birthday. He is in the 90th percentile for height at 32" and wears a size seven shoe. I include these details because this ride on toy is very small for him. This makes riding the toy very uncomfortable and causes his feet to slip off frequently. His feet are too big to rest in the designated foot space allotted. Further, his knees are awkwardly placed and interfere with steering. We let him ride this toy on the sidewalk as we walk to get the mail about seven houses down the street. The entire way, my son complains that the Kawasaki ride on toy won't go. He gets off and tries to push it. He will eventually abandon it and run home. This leaves one of us to pick it up and carry it home. It really does move very slow. This ride on toy has very little traction. It slips and slides on our laminate flooring and if there are uneven parts on the sidewalk, this toy won't roll over the crack or dip. We have to help push our son over even the smallest dips. This makes a leisurely walk frustrating with a toddler screaming it won't go, help, help. Our little one probably would have benefitted from it had he been younger and shorter. Because it was a gift, we had no choice but to keep it. Two months after his second birthday he had a growth spurt and now the Kawasaki ride on toy is useless, as he is way too tall for it. The battery lasts at least thirty minutes that we can tell. This is all the longer our son ever wanted to ride it. It's also a pain to recharge the battery and gain access to it. Overall, I would not recommend this toy if you have a tall or large toddler or a toddler with a shoe size seven or larger. It's a cute toy but quickly outgrown.



Moose Mountain Toymakers Kawasaki KFX 700 Ride-On Toy - Green

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